Red October – How To Wear Red?

How To Wear Red? Style Ideas by personal stylist and shopper Jenni at I on Image
How To Wear Red? Style ideas from your personal stylist Jenni at I on Image

How To Wear Red?

Here comes my very first guest fashion edit for Monique Magazine October 2017 edition. It’s dedicated for bold women who refuse to be wallflowers and are just too hot to handle. They will always be wearing red because they are not afraid to be seen.

Red is definitely the hottest colour for AW 2017. It has traditionally been associated with love and passion but also very much with danger. It’s a vibrant color of assertiveness and loaded with emotions ranging from desire to anger.

Difficult to blend into the background, red oozes self-confidence, energy and visibility. Your very own personal stylist and personal shopper Jenni of I on Image has hand-picked you the best red fashion items from the collections. You just need to add the attitude.

Wallflowers: Don’t bother
Attention seekers: This season is yours

Red Hot Fashion Selection

  1. Mother Fake Fur Jacket “Daredevil’s Run”. This is a definition of a statement jacket and it’s ticking other trend boxes too: Fake fur and urban sports. Wear with denim, a basic T-shirt and a vertiginous heel or pristine white sneaker.
  2. Tom Ford red lipstick in Empire. Wear on days when your inspiration is low -and suddenly you’ll have plenty!
  3. Zoe Karssen Slogan Sweater “Son of a Gun”. In general I dislike slogans on clothing but clever old school insults are always close to my heart. Wear with a pleated skirt, leather, denim or on a day off: your PJ’s.
  4. Zoe Karssen Piper Acid Flock jeans. We know these powerful two red stripes from sports teams and armed forces. Accessorize accordingly, which ever way you are more inclined.
  5. The Kooples Red Snakeskin-Effect Court Shoe. Spice up your classic tailoring or dress up your denim. A classic shoe with a twist is always a winner and a wardrobe musthave staple.
  6. The Kooples Iconic Emily Mini Crossbody Bag. A red bag is a quick way to spice up an otherwise boring look. It’s a surprisingly versatile bag color and it has more zest to it than classic black or tan. This firecracker is inspired by actress, model and feminist activist Emily Ratajkowski.
  7. Scotch & Soda Red Sailor Pants. A statement pant is a somewhat curious concept but it does work. Wear with chunky cable knit jumpers or a leather biker jacket. Avoid looking nautical at all cost.
  8. Scotch & Soda Paneled Red Blouse. I am wild about the 80’s secretary look and a silky blouse is essential to it. Wear with classic tailoring and masculine cuts. Leave some buttons open for a relaxed take on the trend.
  9. Tom Ford Eau de Parfum Jasmin Rouge. The sexiest scent under the sun. Use sparingly though, people don’t have to know all your secrets at once!


Fresh Ways To Wear Red

  • Resist the urge to match your reds with black. The combination looks so severe and therefore a bit dated. Try softer options such as navy, camel, white or cream instead.
  • Denim dresses flamy red down nicely. I love this season’s trucker style jackets with shearling or teddy accents.
  • Don’t be afraid to show some skin. Nude pumps and tights look simply amazing with red. Just remember to celebrate your own unique skin tone and not to conform into high street’s narrow idea of pink-beige nude.
  • Red speaks volumes on it’s own so you won’t need a lot of makeup to accompany it. I love an intense red lip paired with an almost bare face.
  • Instead of complicated trying-too-hard hair do’s try a simple pony tail or just let your hair flow wild and free.
  • Keep jewelry simple to avoid any Christmas party associations. Unless you’re heading to a holiday party, of course. In that case you can go over-the-top with your look!
  • If you really are too shy to wear full-on red then consider injecting just a tiny splash of red in your look by painting your nails red. I also adore a subtle red jacket or handbag lining, not to mention a coveted Louboutin red shoe sole!

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