In Praise Of Being Over-Dressed

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In Praise Of Being Over-Dressed

Today I am in praise of being over-dressed. I will help you to discover the joy of looking amazing and making an effort. Your style choices set the mood for events and show respect to the organizer.

I long for the moments spent getting ready to go out. Choosing a dress and styling it always puts me on a great mood. Air thick with anticipation and excitement. The night is still young and anything is possible. Do you still remember that feeling?

Hope those days will be back soon. In the meantime we can plan and dream a little. Looking forward to something nice helps you carry on and stay positive. You might not have an invitation right now but the day will come.

Unexpected Advantages Of Dressing Up

  • You show respect to the host and other guests with your fashion choices
  • Your outfit has the power to elevate your mood
  • A great outfit can boost your self-confidence
  • Others will see you in a new light and might rethink their views about you
  • People will remember you better
  • Your outfit can be a conversation starter

Make An Effort With Your Style

I am often over-dressed at events and I have no plans to change that any time soon. Fashion is my passion and great style is the air I breath.

I love to show my sense of style and fashion taste. My outfit choice is often an expression of who I am. I stand confident behind my style choices and like to be noticed.

Do you like to blend in or stand out?

I praise being over-dressed and even recommend it, even if it’s just for once. Next time you get an invitation, go ahead and wear something stunning that you would normally save for special events.

See if you feel different and are you being perceived differently. Did you have more fun that way? How many compliments did you get for your outfit? How did the outfit affect your confidence and visibility?

Dressing Up For Only Yourself

For the past months we have all been more or less stuck at home. I can count with one hand the events that I have attended this year. For those rare occasions it made even more sense to dress up.

It was lovely to wear heels again, put on those special earrings and take my favorite handbag out for a night out. I had been craving for a dress-up for so long and was determined to use every opportunity to wear something fabulous.

But should we reserve great style for others only? Don’t we deserve something special every single day? During lockdown I still wore makeup and nice clothes every day.

I felt it elevated my mood and made me feel good. For many the idea of dressing up for yourself only feels ridiculous. But for me it’s an investment in myself and a reward for working hard.

Fabulous Style Ideas To Elevate Your Look In A Flash

I believe that everyone could profit from this mindset during difficult times. That’s why I have selected my favorites that you can use for inspiration or buy for yourself. Enjoy!

Amazing Dresses

Flashy Handbags

Statement Jewelry & Accessories

Gorgeous Shoes

Read also some simple and easy ideas on how to dress things up – or how to dress things down, if you want to play down a striking look.

Enjoy being the most fabulous looking person in the room!

This post was originally published on 1st November 2018 and updated on 10th December 2020 with new AMAZING items for you to shop.

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