How To Plan The Perfect Wardrobe?

How To Plan The Perfect Wardrobe? - FREE Style Guide
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How To Plan The Perfect Wardrobe?

Learn how to plan the perfect wardrobe with the best personal styling tips. Manage your wardrobe like a pro + Get the most out of your style! Take my word: Well planned is half done, also in fashion.

Imagine how much easier your busy mornings will be when your personal style is in check. No sudden invitation or change of plans will ever throw you off your style game ever again.

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Follow easy these steps and enjoy a well curated wardrobe that works for you (and not the other way around).

How To Get Started?

  1. Plan your outfits in advance. This is a time saver and helps you to focus on other things. Style mindfully using the same elements on multiple days. Less washing is a good side product!
  2. Make a backup plan for a rainy day. Prepare a few extra outfits just in case. You never know what life brings your way and the total boss that you are is always prepared.
  3. Keep a photo journal of your best looks. This way you have a visual memory of the looks that work on you and then you can repeat those outfits easily.
  4. Buy only what you really need. This is a no-brainer, yet tricky. It’s so difficult to say no when the shops are full of cute clothes. But stay strong, you don’t need it all, even if it’s on sale.
  5. Buy the highest quality you can afford. Utilize annual sales, discount codes and flash sales. Sign up to the newsletters of your favorite brands to get the news about deals in your inbox. Some online shops offer a welcome discount that you can profit of when buying your favorite fashion items.
  6. Mix & Match your clothes for new looks. For me this is the fun part of my work as a personal stylist. Be creative and fearless when trying on new combinations.
  7. Make a wishlist ad update it regularly. Many online retailers offer this option that you can utilize, even if you were planning to buy in a physical store. I love my wishlists and go regularly through them to see if anything got discounted or came in in another color. You can also follow me on shopping app and save my looks on your wishlist. This Instagram Reel will help you to get started on LTK.
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How Did We Get This Far?

It’s great to know how to store your clothes right but how did we get this far with our wardrobe organization? Read also two following parts of my wardrobe editing guide:

  1. PLAN – You are here!
  2. PREP – Prepare Your Closet For The New Season
  3. STORE – How To Store Your Clothes Right?

Shop Your Closet – Your FREE Style Guide

Closet clean-out like a pro, have a style detox, shop your closet and discover new combinations with the items you already own. You will always know you what to wear and you can fully concentrate on what matters the most to you.

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