The Best Online Fashion Shops For Busy Business Women

The blog post lists the best online fashion shops for busy business women, focusing on timeless chic office looks. Three places highlighted are De Bijenkorf, a Dutch store offering local and international brands, Fashionette for luxury branded accessories like bags and shoes, and Josh V for sleek, neutral clothing. The post stresses sustainability, convenience, and brand quality, also promising regular updates on workwear choices.

In The Navy – How To Wear Navy To Work?

This blog post offers detailed advice on how to incorporate the color navy into workwear outfits. The author suggests pairing navy with different colors such as beige, grey, bordeaux red, nude, and even black to achieve a stylish, professional look. Tips include buying workwear that can stand the test of time, making sustainable style choices, and updating looks with accessories. Navy is praised as a universally flattering, trustworthy, and professional color.