Autumn Style Inspiration

Autumn Style Inspiration


Here is a collection of AUTUMN STYLE INSPIRATION to keep you looking great no matter where you are going. Stay warm, dry – and above all: stylish – all autumn long + FREE This or That -style game

As your personal stylist I want to ignite that creativity in you, and to help you realize that you can style amazing outfits on your own. My biggest reward is to see my clients wearing the items we bought together but adding their own finishing touches to their look. For me that’s real style!

This or That Autumn Edit

To help you manage your style with ease, I am posting this fun This or That -style game. This is a fashionable version of the game you used to play during long car journeys or gatherings with friends and family.

Instead of foods, movies, holiday destinations or animals, in this version you pick and choose your favorite fashion items.

The game is very easy and engaging. It can spark a nice thoughts and discussion about style, and as a result help you select outfits that really matter to you.

After all, style is more about individuality and vision, than copying  a look that you saw in a magazine or on a celebrity.

How To Play This or That -Style Game?

  1. You need a pen and paper to write down your choices.
  2. This game can be played literally anywhere.
  3. Play this game alone or with a friend.
  4. Choose an option from the left or right column and write your preferences down.
  5. Once you have gone through all the options, you’ll have a complete look to wear.
  6. Play the game soon again. Your style preferences can change from day to day.

Get The Most Out Of Your Autumn Style

  • You don’t need to own all these items to create new looks. Some of them simply don’t have a place in your style story. I will never force you to look like someone else. The idea is to remain always truthful to yourself.
  • You can buy the items that are missing from your autumn wardrobe or your own or with me. Ask for recommendations in the comments section of this post. I’d love to answer your questions and to help you get better style with less effort.
  • Remember that not all items need to be new. There are some really amazing second hand items out there waiting for you to give them a happy new home. Alternatively have a clothes swap with friends and have a fun green evening together!
  • Take notes of your favorite looks. In addition, save this game on your Pinterest for style inspiration.
Autumn Style Inspiration + Free THIS or THAT -style game

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Stay warm, dry -and stylish- all autumn long!

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  1. mehsi says:

    Oh, I definitely like this! I don’t have all the items, but I will just be creative and find some options out of my closet that match closest. 🙂 Thank you for this post.

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