The Best Business Casual Fashion Brands For All Sizes

WORKWEAR EDIT: The best business casual fashion brands for all sizes selected by personal stylist Jenni at I on Image
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The Best Business Casual Fashion Brands For All Sizes

In this blog post I have selected the best business casual fashion brands. I aimed for an inclusive selection of work wear brands for all sizes. Also I wanted to choose brands that won’t break the bank so you’ll still have money for other things in life.

Enjoy this virtual business fashion shopping tour with your very own personal shopper and stylist. Please note that this post is updated regularly so save it in your favorites now. Come back every now and then for new fabulous work wear picks for you to slay in.

Happy online office wear shopping with I on Image!


  • Sizes EU 34 – 44
  • Narrow sizing, ideal for tall and skinny body shapes
  • Fall in love with that clean Nordic minimalist look
  • A good selection of experimental and sustainable materials
  • Available in concept boutiques and online
  • My favorites are their good quality knitwear, great basics and really cool shoes


  • Sizes EU 32 – 44
  • A lot of wide or relaxed fit items that are ideal for curvy and tall body shapes
  • Enjoy your daily dose of coveted Nordic minimalism
  • A good selection of experimental and sustainable materials
  • Available in boutiques and online
  • My favorites are their work dresses, every day knitwear and shoes. They also have amazing denim and great basic T-shirts.


  • Sizes EU 32 – 62
  • A dream land of affordable fashion with a small range of conscious items
  • A wide selection of modern work wear for all shapes
  • Widely available on high-street and online
  • My favorites are their satin blouses for work, pleated skirts and shape wear. They also make a nice selection of accessories that are worth checking out.


  • Sizes XXS – XXL
  • Great attainable work wear basics in an inclusive size range
  • Widely available on high-street and online
  • My favorites are their blazers, trousers, basic tops and accessories


  • Sizes EU 34 – 44
  • Generous sizing and a lot of oversized and regular fit items that flatter curvier body shapes
  • Edgy on-trend styles and good quality
  • A lot of recycled polyester, organic cotton and Lyocell items
  • Available in stores and online
  • My favorites are their denim, tops, and jackets
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More Business Casual Fashion Inspiration

My blog archives are a fantastic source of work wear inspiration. There’s always something new and old posts are being updated on a regular basis. Even if you have seen the post before it’s worth checking if it has been updated.

Hate shopping clothes? You are not alone there. Majority of my clients don’t like shopping at all or consider it a daunting task. Having a professional personal shopper in tow will take the guess-work out of your business style.

I shop all brands (also online for your convenience) and take in consideration your existing wardrobe. That way you buy only what you really need -and what you really love. Make your personal shopping appointment with me today and take your 9to5 style to the next level!

Hope you got inspired by my selection of the best business casual fashion brands and could find something for all sizes. Did I miss your favorite work wear brand? Let me know in comments!

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28 thoughts on “The Best Business Casual Fashion Brands For All Sizes

  1. kimbamyers says:

    These are lovely recommendation! I personally love the outfit you pick from Arket since I’m a big fan of black and white outfit combo <3

  2. ThePlainSimpleLife says:

    I don’t buy many clothes these days, ever since I began my minimalism journey, but some of these picks are really beautiful x

  3. Lauren says:

    I have only heard of H&M and maybe mango. But it’s great there are other brands out there. I think Zara is another great one with lots of different style ideas. Thank you for sharing lovely!

  4. I on Image says:

    Yes please do! There’s a lot of really lovely items. I can imagine you’d find some cool stuff at Monki for example. Have a wonderful December Karalee xx

  5. I on Image says:

    Thank you Lisa! Dressing from the waist up is the thing in 2020. You can rock comfy leggings or jeans if your top is in check. Think about nice accessories like necklaces and scarves to spice up the items you already own xx

  6. I on Image says:

    That’s great to hear Amber! I also found really nice things at H&M for myself and for my personal styling clients who now shop online with me xx

  7. I on Image says:

    Happy to hear that you found my post helpful Lauren! I like H&M too and some of their stuff is really good quality. For example those shirts that I linked are great xxx

  8. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I love that you’ve chosen some retailers for us curvier ladies, thank you, Jenni! It’s been a while since I’ve needed any workwear as I’m a remote worker and don’t have meetings to go to but I could do with some new tops for Zoom calls 🙂

  9. N says:

    Thank you for sharing, casualwear really took the lead in our new slower life pace, this is great!

  10. I on Image says:

    True, it’s time that men got more options too. Especially color palettes for men tend to be quite limited. Thank you so much for sharing my link, hope your partner likes it. Have a lovely weekend xx

  11. Unwanted Life says:

    Women have so much more variety when it comes to fashion, I’m often jealous of that. Men’s stuff is often bland and the range is limited. I had to share the Arket bag with my partner as it might be something they’d like

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