The Best Navy Work Dresses

The best navy work dresses selected by your Amsterdam based virtual personal stylist and online personal shopper
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The Best Navy Work Dresses For Spring

Shop the best navy work dresses and matching accessories with your virtual personal shopper Jenni of I on Image. Look amazing and feel confident at work all week long!

In this post you are getting my favorite work wear dresses from the latest spring collections. I have also selected the coolest accessories to go with your dream navy dress. This season we are seeing a lot of fresh navy and white, pops of bright yellow, pink and green, and silver accessories that all go perfectly with navy.

These navy work dress styles will also look great on your Zoom call from home. Or perhaps you are going to the office full time? It’s also god to know that these pieces will make you look amazing at after work drinks but won’t look out of place if you decide to do some lunch time shopping.

In this situation it’s lovely to have an fuss-free wardrobe that is comfortable enough to wear at home but stylish enough so you’ll feel like yourself. I style, you slay!

Let A Personal Stylist Help You To Look Better

I am sure you’ll have a thousand things to think about every morning. Business fashion might not make it to your top 3. Maybe not even in your top 10. You are great at what you are doing but you feel lost when it comes to style matters.

That’s perfectly understandable, and actually majority of my image consulting clients are not wild about going shopping. They value the ease of getting their office outfits sorted with me fast and pain-free.

I on the other hand LOVE to go shopping. I want to make your personal shopping experience even easier and more pleasant than before. And my popular online personal shopping is back for the season!

These new type of posts with affiliate links allow you to shop online from the comfort of your own home. You can shop when you feel like it and when you have the time. It might not be during regular work hours or perhaps we are on completely different time zones.

If you appreciate a more personal styling service then I am happy to offer that experience to you. That way you get a personalized shopping cart that I have created only for you. Learn more about my virtual image consulting and personal styling services and make an appointment already today.

Why I Love Navy Dresses So Much?

It is no secret that I adore navy, and very much navy dresses. You have seen me wearing navy several times on Instagram. Going towards spring summer 2023 you will see more of the good thing in shops and on my LTK.

Navy is a softer and more flattering on many skin tones, as opposed to it’s edgier cousin black. Both are equally popular business colors that will always remain a safe, yet stylish, choice on the corporate ladder. In my opinion navy looks fabulous in evening wear, not to mention all those casual chic styles.

It’s worth exploring your ideal shade of navy because it’s never looked better than right now. I hope that you will enjoy my navy work dress tips and find something amazing to wear to work. Here’s to a very stylish new workwear season!

Styled By Me: The Best Navy Dresses For Work

Gorgeous Shoes To Go With Your Navy Work Dress

Finishing Touches: The Coolest Accessories

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Let me know what you think about these styles. I will update this post every few months. You will always have the latest navy dresses at your fingertips. Save this article to your favorites and share it with a fashion loving friend.

Tell me in comments what are your biggest workwear challenges. Let’s fix them together! Prefer a 1:1 approach? Book an online image and style consultation today!

This post was originally published on 3rd August 2020 and updated on 6th April 2023.

Jenni @ I on Image - Content Creator Fuelled by Fashion

12 thoughts on “The Best Navy Work Dresses

  1. a Life on a Dime says:

    Oh my gosh! I want all of these! And I don’t even have a job to dress up for!

  2. I on Image says:

    That dress sounds amazing Quinn! Navy is a great canvas for colour blocking and combining shades that would look too harsh against black. For example black and yellow is a tough combo but navy and yellow is gorgeous! Have a wonderful new week xxx

  3. I on Image says:

    Nice to hear that Lisa! COS is fantastic for workwear and I keep on going back. Navy is indeed a softer choice than black and still a fantastic business colour. Enjoy the new week xxx

  4. Heather Prudeaux says:

    Navy is one of my favorite go to colors and it pairs well with white and red for the summer. Plus any skin tone can pull this off. Smart article, thank you!

  5. Quinn of the Nerds says:

    I’ve always love a navy ensemble, probably a bit too much! I’m now trying to incorporate other colours into my wardrobe. But I have a lovely navy, cross backed, midi dress that I absolutely adore. It’s a wonderful colour to play about and accessorize with; I firmly believe it’s one of those that looks good on everyone!

    Quinn x

  6. I on Image says:

    Thank you for chiming in Sophie! If you find navy tricky on you maybe you could try a slightly warmer shade of dark blue, such as cobalt blue, denim blue or dark teal. There are so many shades on blue that there’s one for everyone, I promise. The cut of the 3rd dress is super flattering and works on many body shapes. Have a great August xxx

  7. glowsteady says:

    Navy isn’t a colour I wear all that often, I don’t find it the most flattering against my skin tone so I usually only wear it if it’s a piece I think I can’t live without. I love the range of dresses you’ve picked here, the cut of the third one looks beautiful x


  8. Amber Page says:

    I love these styles! Such a lovely range! Another great read.

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

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