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Jenni Ryynanen Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, Wardrobe Stylist in Amsterdam and Online since 2015
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Your Image & Style Expert, Blogger and Speaker

I am your Image & Style Expert in Amsterdam and online. My name is Jenni Ryynänen and I want to help you to develop your personal style and confidence through my tailored image consulting services.

My mission is to make image transformations and style success stories. I on Image was founded in 2015.

I on Image’s clients are high achieving business professionals who want to put their best foot forward. They appreciate that your image is a powerful form of self-expression and has great impact on how you feel about yourself.

I will make the visual part of your personal brand shine bright like a diamond and make you memorable for the right reasons.

Eye On Your Image

(See what I did there?)

1. Your Image: Image Consulting

  • Image Consulting: Your communication style, appearance and digital presence under my gentle scrutiny
  • Learn to increase your executive presence on the spot
  • Grow your confidence and stop second-guessing your style choices
  • Take full control of your personal image + Develop a stellar personal brand = Success in life

2. Your Style: Personal Styling, Wardrobe Edits & Personal Shopping

  • Personal Styling: Discover your unique shape, your best colors and build a strong personal style. Look amazing every day!
  • Wardrobe Edits: Closet clean-out like a pro, have a style detox, shop your closet and discover new combinations with the items you already own. This is a sustainable style choice
  • Personal Shopping: Shop with me like a stylist in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp, Haarlem… I also love to shop online with you

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3. Blogger, Speaker And More

  • Get connected with me on social media for more image & style

I am very much looking forward to working with you!

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