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Hello Gorgeous!

I am your Image Consultant and Personal Stylist. My job is to help you to have amazing personal style and give you a big confidence boost through my personalized image consulting and personal styling services.

Jenni Ryynänen @ I on Image

Your Image Consultant & Personal Stylist

Hello, I am your Image Consultant, Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper at I on Image. My clients are high achieving business professionals who want to put their best foot forward every single day. They appreciate that your personal image and style is a powerful form of self-expression and has a great impact on how you feel about yourself.

I will make your personal image shine bright like a diamond, and make you memorable for the right reasons. My mission is to make your personal brand shine bright and strong. You can work with me in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and online around the world.

My Image Consulting & Personal Styling Services

  1. Improve Your Image: Image Consulting
  2. Get Better Style: Personal Styling, Wardrobe Edits & Personal Shopping
  3. …and MORE: Blogger, Speaker, Influencer

My Image & Style Expertise

  • Get more amazing image consulting tips and personal style advice in my blog. All my fashion advice is practical, attainable and aiming to be as inclusive as possible.
  • I started my Public Speaker career in 2016. Keynotes, breakout sessions and training courses about personal image and style for audiences and groups of all sizes.
  • I am a major fashion nerd, style aficionado and a collector of fabulous things. Get to know me better in blog or connect with me on social media.

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I am very much looking forward to working with you. Start your journey to better self-esteem, higher self-worth and more opportunities in life today. You deserve to look and feel amazing every single day. Let’s connect and get the fashion ball rolling!

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