Content Creator Fuelled by Fashion

Content Creator Fuelled by Fashion - Jenni @ I on Image

Hello, I’m Content Creator Jenni @ I on Image. My blog offers expert advice to improve your personal image and style. With a strong background in fashion, I provide attainable workwear style tips, shopping ideas and sustainable fashion advice.

My lifelong passion for fashion and style shines through as I share my expertise and style recommendations. Follow my guidance to boost you self-esteem, enhance your self-worth, and seize more opportunities, while looking and feeling your best every day.

Content Creator Fuelled by Fashion – Jenni @ I on Image

Jenni, the content creator behind I on Image, is a seasoned expert in fashion with a particular focus on workwear. Leveraging her strong background in the industry, she offers valuable and achievable tips to enhance personal image and style. With a commitment to sustainability, Jenni also provides guidance on making eco-friendly fashion choices.

Jenni’s passion for fashion is evident in her content, where she shares not only practical advice but also her extensive knowledge of the latest trends and shopping ideas. Her expertise extends beyond mere fashion tips, as she emphasizes the transformative power of style in boosting self-esteem and self-worth.

Through her platform, Jenni aims to empower individuals to seize more opportunities by presenting their best selves. By following her recommendations, readers can expect to not only elevate their outward appearance but also cultivate a positive inner perception. Jenni’s holistic approach highlights the importance of feeling confident and looking one’s best every day.

In summary, I on Image is not just a style blog; it’s a resource for personal development through fashion. Jenni’s dedication to providing attainable advice, promoting sustainable choices, and emphasizing the psychological impact of style sets her platform apart, making it a go-to source for those seeking to enhance their personal image and embrace a more confident and stylish version of themselves.

Jenni’s Image & Style Expertise

  • BA in Fashion and Textile Design from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (previously EVTEK University of Applied Sciences), Vantaa Finland, in 2001
  • Dress Maker’s degree from Roihuvuori College, Helsinki Finland, in 1998
  • Lifelong love of arts, literature, films, series, magazines, people spotting and everything to do with fashion and style
  • A major fashion nerd, style aficionado and a collector of fabulous things
  • Content creator at I on Image since 2015

This Image Consulting & Personal Styling Blog Will Help You To…

  1. Improve your personal image and take control of your own life
  2. Get better style – Look amazing and feel confident every day
  3. …and MORE: Attainable personal shopping tips, sustainable style advice, sale shopping like a pro, shopping in Amsterdam for the best Dutch fashion brands etc.

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Start your journey to better self-esteem, higher self-worth and more opportunities in life today. You deserve to look the best version of yourself every single day!

Jenni @ I on Image - Content Creator Fuelled by Fashion