What Does Your Bag Tell About You?

Your bag tells a lot about you. You are making a huge style statement with your bag, regardless of it's value and purpose. Even if you are not interested in bags or their impact on your personal image, it's interesting to know how others perceive you through your bag style choices.

The Best “Back to Work” -Style Tips

Get back to work in style with these expert tips from your image consultant and personal stylist. Yes, that's me! Focus on your work, get out of the house faster and stop second-guessing your style choices. Looking put together will help you feel like you're in charge and on top of your game. Put your best foot forward every day at work!

How To Be Stellar Online Right Now?

In this post you will learn how to be stellar online right now. In the times of a crisis all kind of extremities lift their ugly head but being part of it can harm your reputation. Keeping your personal image intact and authentic is now more important than ever. So be mindful about your digital presence.