What Does Your Bag Tell About You?

Your bag tells a lot about you. You are making a huge style statement with your bag, regardless of it's value and purpose. Even if you are not interested in bags or their impact on your personal image, it's interesting to know how others perceive you through your bag style choices.

Sustainable Holiday Party Style Ideas For You

The blog post discusses sustainable holiday party style ideas. It proposes shopping your own closet before thinking of getting new clothes. Buying second-hand clothing from thrift stores or online is another suggested option. The article also advocates for renting a dress if you want something new without purchasing or swapping dresses with friends. Finally, the post promotes repeating a previous outfit, styled differently, as a truly sustainable choice for holiday parties 🎅⭐️🎄🎁

Amazing Christmas Style Inspiration For You

Personal stylist, Jenni of I on Image, shares a collection of Christmas style inspiration to help you manage your holiday wardrobe with flair and elegance. She suggests being mindful of sustainable shopping habits while creating fresh looks with existing outfits and recommends playing a "THIS or THAT" style game to inspire individuality in festive fashion 🎅⭐️🎄🎁

The Best Online Fashion Shops For Busy Business Women

The blog post lists the best online fashion shops for busy business women, focusing on timeless chic office looks. Three places highlighted are De Bijenkorf, a Dutch store offering local and international brands, Fashionette for luxury branded accessories like bags and shoes, and Josh V for sleek, neutral clothing. The post stresses sustainability, convenience, and brand quality, also promising regular updates on workwear choices.