The Best Workwear Right Now

The Best Workwear Right Now

Shop the BEST back to work fashion favorites from Tory Burch and Coach selected by your personal stylist & shopper Jenni @ I on Image. I selected my office fashion favorites to help you slay from Monday to Friday.

My aim was to create you a versatile work wear capsule wardrobe that makes you look polished and professional but in a modern way. Softer values rule at work and stuffy styles are making way to more individual looks. I also wanted the looks to work for you when you are working from home and at other events. That way you get more out of of less and your wallet and the planet thanks.

These times have changed the way we dress up for work a lot. The temptation to hang out in pajamas all day long is huge but I can guarantee that you will feel better if you make an effort. When you look more professional, you’ll also feel more professional. It’s all simple every day kitchen psychology. And after all, we should be dressing up first and foremost for ourselves.

Hope you love these looks as much as I do!

My Back To Work Favorites

Under each look there’s a Shop The Post – widget that allows you to buy the outfit that you like the most + A couple of customized style ideas to make the look more your own.

How to style Tory Burch floral silk shirt dress?
3. The best workwear to rock right now. Selected by Virtual Personal Stylist and Shopper Jenni at I on Image
4. The best workwear to rock right now. Selected by Virtual Personal Stylist and Shopper Jenni at I on Image
1. The best workwear to rock right now. Selected by Virtual Personal Stylist and Shopper Jenni at I on Image

More Workwear Inspiration

1. My blog is of course a great source to get more workwear inspiration. Here I have selected a few posts that I know you will enjoy:

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2. On Pinterest I have a dedicated board for women’s workwear called Working Wardrobe. Head there and start saving the best office looks on your own style boards.

3. Follow me on your favorite social media channel for MORE amazing workwear inspo. Especially my Instagram is a really great place to be for this purpose.

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Let me know in comments which look you loved the most and what would you like to see more in my upcoming style edits. Remember that I am writing this blog for you and that your opinion matters.

Enjoy your fall/autumn in style!

22 thoughts on “The Best Workwear Right Now

  1. I on Image says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that thought Lisa! I could not agree more. Accessories are such a great way to upstyle any outfit into something truly unique and fabulous xxx

  2. I on Image says:

    Thank you so much Teresa! One-wear fashion affairs are so last season. Now people are very cautious of what they buy and want to get the most out of their investment pieces. This was already the trend among my personal shopping clients but the pandemic has accelerated the development even further.

  3. Jenny in Neverland says:

    These are all lovely pieces. I particularly love that floral cardigan. I work from home so your average workwear for me is leggings and a big jumper now it’s getting colder!

  4. Izzy Matias says:

    I’m loving the autumn-inspired colours!! My favourite is the white heels. It makes me want to buy a pair even if I don’t wear heels that often anymore 😊

  5. Teresa Maria says:

    I lllooove how you’ve styled the same outfit different ways! We need more of this because we need to normalize wearing our clothes more than 3 times before tossing them. Even royalty does it, so we should do, right? 😉

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  6. Lisa's Notebook says:

    My favourite is the second look – that watch is just gorgeous – I can’t remember who said that accessories can make or break an outfit but this watch would definitely make it! x

  7. priyankajoshi says:

    I loved the accessories and footwears you have put together. Great Collection. Thanks for Sharing.

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