Autumn Winter 2020 Fashion Trends To Wear Right Now

Autumn Winter 2020 Fashion Trends To Wear Right Now

In this post I proudly present the autumn – winter 2020 fashion trends to wear right now. Following the latest fashion from home made easy by your virtual personal stylist!

Some aspects of our lives have changed probably for good this year. Style is definitely one of them. Working from home changed the way we dress every day. Only the most hardcore people (like myself) would insist on dressing up every day during lockdown.

Most events, parties and travel has been cancelled, so there goes a lot of sartorial needs out the window. I am seriously starting to question the point of having a row of pretty dresses and heels if you literally have nowhere to go.

Does fashion still matter in the middle of a pandemic? In a bigger picture probably not but we still crave for an aesthetic experience and want to express ourselves.

There’s Still Demand And Interest In Fashion

My previous fashion trend reports are among the most popular blogs I have ever written and even the old ones are still getting hits every day. I conclude that trends are still relevant. We just need to learn to read them our way and not to follow them blindly.

In this report I have selected fashion trends that work when working from home, give you comfort and stand the test of time. One-season fashion affairs are so last season. I am encouraging you to seek pre-loved styles in the name of sustainability.

I have also listed 4 AW20 fashion trends that I won’t be indulging in -for a reason or another. It’s not necessarily because I don’t like those trends. It’s more that they just don’t resonate with me and so I have decided to skip them.

Enjoy reading and stay chic!

AW20 Best Fashion Trends

  1. Knitwear
  2. Statement Collars
  3. Bohemian Chic
  4. Quilted Coats
  5. Co-ordinated Sets
  6. Head-To-Toe Black
  7. 90’s Minimalism
  8. Face Masks

8 x Autumn – Winter 2020 Fashion Trends That I Love

1. Knitwear

It’s sweater weather! This season knitwear is everywhere. I love the so-called Librarian Chic that embraces cardigans combined with pleated midi-skirts and clunky boots.

We also saw the rise of the 90’s inspired knitted relaxed body-con dresses (ideal for WFH), Lacroix-worthy colorful intarsia and layered volumes of knitted coziness. There definitely is a style for everyone right now.

There are also a lot of incredibly cute cardigans with diamanté or pearl buttons, frills, heritage patterns and retro-textures, such as bobbles. Turn the heating down and cozy up!

2. Statement Collars

Since we all appear nowadays mainly on Zoom, it’s only understandable that collars are having a moment. What a perfect way to attract attention to our faces! Choose a blouse with a large collar or opt for a loose one that gives you more styling options.

The most extravagant ones are large and almost costume-esque, whereas the more wearable ones are smaller Peter Pan collars in lace or crisp embroidered or embellished cotton.

The beauty of this trend is that you can update an old look to something new or make a style your own in a flash. There are no rules and you can pop a mock-collar (aka loose collar, aka bib-collar) over a T-shirt or a sweater.

3. Bohemian Chic

This seasons bohemian styles are folksy yet luxurious. There are a lot of floor-sweeping or tiered hemlines in soft earthy tones, autumn florals and 70’s inspired geometric prints.

Brown tones dominate this look and it works really well in soft textures as corduroy, velvet and (faux) suede. I love the button down skirts, billowing sleeves, fringes and embellishments.

This is a prime example of a down-to-earth feel-good look that always comes back to fashion. Finish off with a western boot or a heeled loafer. Add dainty necklaces, stack on rings and embrace your inner hippie in this uncertain world.

4. Quilted Coats

Here comes the most practical item of the season. We already saw these coats in the past collections but since the pandemic hit they have been trending big time.

A quilted coat is the sartorial equivalent of a safety blanket, a little piece of home where ever you may go -or not go. Fancy or formal coats feel a bit out of touch at the moment and they require a heavier investment. These coats come at a more affordable price point and they can stand the unpredictable weather.

The undeniably casual feel of a quilted coat dresses down the formality of a pant suit but it also dresses up nicely relaxed homewear. It’s the type of understated item that doesn’t brag or scream. It does what it promises and that’s very much what we all need right now.

5. Co-ordinated Sets

Matchy-matchy looks were a fashion faux-pas for years but then something changed. Fashion was getting so casual that people suddenly felt attracted to good old fashioned intentional style.

But of course intentional can’t mean anything too formal these days. So the casual co-ordinates were born. Jersey tops with matching pants, satin ensembles almost pyjama-like, mesh tops with lettuce-hem skirts, cute twinsets…

My first thought about this trend was no which I fast changed to yes. This is the type of Working From Home -dressing that requires zero-effort but looks way more pulled together than just sweats and a T-shirt but has nothing stuffy about it.

6. Head-To-Toe Black

This look is a powerful way to express existential anxiety that is occupying the minds of so many right now. Meaning of life aside, black is also a great fashion color and in my opinion the only color worth talking about.

Most personal stylists would tell you to avoid wearing black but I am encouraging it. It’s a great business color that looks appropriate in most situations. There’s no need to skip black and this season you can wear it head-to-toe.

This look is quite severe and needs the attitude to accompany it, so it might not be for the faint-hearted. But I am embracing it and actually always have.

7. 90’s Minimalism

Think what late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy would have worn in New York. This look is about simplicity and understated luxury. The point of the look is the shape and the silhouette.

Draw inspiration from 90’s collections of Calvin Klein, Yohji Yamamoto, and Prada. It’s about tucked-in white shirts, long pencil skirts, knitted body-hugging dresses, sleeveless turtlenecks, bias-cut slip dresses, a lot of beige and a lot of black.

This look is effortless, no-nosense and incredibly chic. It’s about timeless pieces and confidence in your style. I see here a lot of potential for a signature style that looks good 30 years from now.

8. Face Masks

This need very little explanation or introduction. Face masks are here to stay and everyone needs to have a few in rotation. Washable and reusable fashion forward face masks are popping up in every collection and I am showing here a few examples.

Please note that these examples of face masks are all non-medical and don’t offer full protection. Social distancing, practicing good hygiene and following the advice of your local health officials remain crucial to staying healthy.

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3 x AW20 Fashion Trends That I Won’t Indulge In

1. Long Leather Coats

This look is way too Matrix for me and so I am skipping it. I can’t justify spending a huge amount of money on something that will be here only for a few seasons.

Opt for a short biker jacket instead and enjoy the cool street smart look for seasons to come.

2. Skirt Suits

It’s all very Miss Marple to me and I can’t wrap my head around the point of this look. It’s just too frumpy for my liking.

Instead, get a really cool pant suit in a modern loose cut. Mix and match parts with denim or dresses for some serious laid-back cool.

3. XXL Bags

What are we going to carry in those larger-than-life bags? I appreciate that they are big enough for a laptop but since everyone is working from home there’s no need to schlep anything around.

Let’s get back to this matter after the pandemic again!

4. Ball Gowns

We are not going anywhere so what’s the point? I loved the tongue-in-cheek Instagram photos where people were cleaning the house, watching TV or taking the trash out in full-on evening attire.

It’s good entertainment to swipe through but I am not going to drop the cash for something I might not ever wear. But please don’t take me wrong: There are clear advantages of over-dressing!

Best Autumn Winter Fashion Trends Selected By Personal Stylist - Image For Pinterest

Sharing Is Caring

Share these autumn – winter 2020 fashion trends with a friend or a colleague who has no time to shop but would love a seasonal fashion update.

Have a fantastic and oh-so-stylish AW2020!

32 thoughts on “Autumn Winter 2020 Fashion Trends To Wear Right Now

  1. glowsteady says:

    I’ve noticed that the statement collars are coming back in and I’m obsessed with it! I love details like that, and it’s a great addition to an otherwise plain shirt. I agree with you for most of the things you won’t be indulging in too, although I do love a huge bag x


  2. I on Image says:

    Sounds like a fabulous pre-loved find Karalee! This type of items are the workhorses of our closet. They can be styled so many ways and look great from season to season. Enjoy xx

  3. Karalee says:

    I can definitely get behind the head-to-toe black trend haha. Last year I found a black St. John sweater dress at a thrift store & I love pairing it with black tights & boots! I’m also not a big fan of the XXL bags!

  4. I on Image says:

    Thank you so much Amber! Always happy to help people enjoy their style more and to find great pieces for my readers to fall in love with xx

  5. Amber Page says:

    I love some good knit wear! And your tip about collars is great!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page

  6. I on Image says:

    You are so right Britt. I also worked a lot from home before the pandemic but now even going to the cafe is not always an option. Let’s hope you find a really great big bag and can rock it soon again xxx

  7. Torche' Nash says:

    I love all of the looks! I’m going to have to implement a few in this season’s wardrobe!

  8. brittshedhappens says:

    I do love a good bag and will probably keep my eyes open to the options available with the future in mind. I have been working from home for 4 years now, but ‘working from home’ means something a little different when it’s not for COVID reasons. Before this whole situation hit, I would pack up my laptop and head to the local café to change up the scenery. If I find an XXL bag that I love, it would work for that when I can get out and work outside the home occasionally again down the road.

  9. clairelomax2018 says:

    Ball gowns?? My goodness!! I can’t wear my wedding dress this year so I will not be indulging in a ball gown.

    I love sweater weather, although my office is hotter than the sun so I have to save my autumn/winter wardrobe for the weekends only x

  10. I on Image says:

    Thank you so much Lisa! Glad to hear my fashion tips were useful to you. The collar-trend is fab because it’s so easy and low-commitment. Have a great month xxx

  11. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I love your tip about collars, that’s such a good idea. And such an easy way to ring the changes for just about any outfit – which ticks the sustainable fashion box as well. Thank you, Jenni! x

  12. Swarnali says:

    I love Bohemian chic. But due to this pandemic, our most of the parties and travel has been cancelled. Hope we will start the normal life very soon.. Loved to reading your post.

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