How to Dress Things Up?

How to Dress Up Your Casual Outfits - Fashion Advice from Your Personal Stylist
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How to Dress Things Up?

Here comes I on Image’s style guide on how to dress things up. These 5 ways to dress up your casual outfits will help you get more out of your existing wardrobe. Get better style with less clothing!

Is your trusted daily uniform of a plain shirt and basic denim making you yawn of boredom. What do you see when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror?

Do you sometimes feel that your outfit doesn’t look interesting enough? Does your style make people remember you for right reasons? Perhaps a more lively outfit express your dynamic personal brand better?

Don’t go ditching an otherwise great combo right away. I think it could be saved for a round two by just adding a little oomph into it. Keep on reading and get better style with less items.

The Art Of Dressing Up

With my style advice you can learn the art of dressing up. Just a few simple fashion tips will help you to bring interest and panache to the simplest of outfits.

You can mix up the style elements listed below. Or just pick one remarkable way to inject some well-deserved energy into your look.

My Style Advice For You

  1. Add a tailored jacket. Nothing says business better than sleek tailoring. If the look feels too stiff for your taste then play it down by rolling the sleeves up. Or pop up the collar for relaxed cool.
  2. Add a fancy shoe. What a perfect opportunity to get some use of the shoe that makes your heart skip a beat. Yes, the one that you keep 364 days a year stored neatly in their box. Let’s go live a little and wear them on a regular day.
  3. Add a piece of statement jewelry but don’t go piling it all on at once. One signature piece is enough to wake up the room. Did you know that jewelry is a great conversation starter?
  4. Add a scarf in a stylish print or in your signature color. I like to tie a small silk square scarf elegantly on a simple knot in the front. Or I wrap a large foulard loosely around my neck. You can play with different styles and tie your scarf different ways depending on your mood.
  5. Tuck your shirt in and add a belt. This look is a classic structured way to make you look more polished without actually having to do anything. I love pleated leather belts and chic logo belts. If normal belts feel too tight around your waist you could try a stretch belt with a nice buckle.

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Get More Style Out Of Less Clothing

These 5 ways to dress up your otherwise plain or basic outfits can also help you navigate your style on busy days. For example, when you have an event right after work and no time to change.

These tips decrease the amount of items you need in your wardrobe. Also they allow you to own less items while having more style -every single day. That all without having to transform your style completely. How does that sound to you?

Is your problem actually the other way around? Then read my blog about How to Dress Things Down. You might also enjoy reading this: In Praise of Being Over-Dressed.

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This blog post was originally published on 12th September 2018 and updated on 23rd September 2020 with a new cover photo and updated style advice.

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