1 Pair Of Jeans, 3 Looks

Style Files: Get 3 different looks with just one pair of jeans
How To Style Your Jeans? 1 Pair Of Jeans = 3 Looks

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1 Pair Of Jeans = 3 Looks: How To Style Your Jeans?

Just 1 pair of jeans can give you at least 3 different looks. With this blog entry I want to demonstrate how much you can get out of just a few well selected items. I am sharing my style wisdom with you and showing you how I styled one pair of mom jeans in three different ways. Learn to get more out of your style with less items with tips from your personal stylist.

To give you more options I selected 5 different pairs of jeans from COS collections. First you pick the pair that you love the most and then start styling it further.

Finally you will have three different looks that will take you to work, relaxed lunches, strolls in town and casual get-togethers. And that’s just the beginning. The styling options are endless!

The Best Jeans From COS

Some of these are made of organic cotton and some from recycled cotton. I have always been extremely happy with their denim quality and buy most of my jeans from them.

1 Pair Of Jeans = 3 Looks

1. Look: Checkered Blazer + T-shirt + Ankle Boots

I went for a boyish checkered heritage blazer and styled it with a basic white tee. This look is very now and super wearable. To make it more feminine I added a modern neutral ankle boot with a moderate heel.

2. Look: Secretary Blouse + Block Heels

I love this style of blouses and shoes so much. I know they can look a bit prissy together so I like to break the look denim. As a result I have something really cute but also really cool.

3. Look: Fluffy Sweater + Hightops + Pearls

Fluffy voluminous knitwear is still going strong after all the seasons. Right now it is at it’s best in delicious pastel shades. So breakup all that cuteness add cool hightop sneakers. But because we love cute and feminine, I still added pearls, if that makes any sense!

Less Items, More Style

Real style doesn’t have to mean having a second apartment to store your clothes. That quirky lifestyle feature is reserved for fashion journalist at large Anna Dello Russo.

You can get quite far with just one really good pair of jeans and a few well-selected tops. I love the idea of having a simple well-functioning capsule wardrobe. With denim you can make it work for you the way you want.

Jeans are low-maintenance and relaxed. You can either glam them up for the evening or give them a relaxed vibe for a unique working from home look. It’s all in the accessories and the materials you are combining your denim with.

Get creative and start styling more looks with the items you already own. Shop your closet with my tips and utilize your entire wardrobe for the new season. Let me know in comments how did you do!

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 Pair Of Jeans = 3 Looks

This post was originally published on 12th December 2018 and updated with on 21st September 2021 with amazing new items for you to shop!

Enjoy your smart casual denim looks!

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  1. madidearsonladylike says:

    I love having super flexible items in my wardrobe. I started being more minimal with my clothes a few years ago, and it made everything so much simpler to handle. A GOOD pair of jeans is not easy to find. I am alway a fan of jeans a little jacket – it’s my favorite style:) Such great styling ideas in this post!

  2. I on Image says:

    Thank you so much Sam! I would love to appear on your blog! I will drop you an email so we can kick this project off soon. -Jenni at I on Image

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