LBD For All Body Shapes

LBD for all body shapes selected by your personal stylist Jenni at I on Image

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LBD For All Body Shapes

There is no single item in a woman’s wardrobe that is more versatile, more flattering or more chic than The Little Black Dress, aka LBD. Technically one single Little Black Dress is all you need to look polished and sophisticated every single day.

Worn by the most stylish people in the world, LBD has earned a platinum level status in the fashion scene. Who can forget those iconic looks of Audrey Hepbun, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, legendary Coco Chanel and many others.

See more iconic LBD looks on this Glamour UK gallery

Discover Your Perfect Little Black Dress

  • Find a model that works for your unique body shape
  • Choose the most flattering neckline, sleeve length and skirt length for your shape
  • Pay attention to material and care instructions
  • Be mindful about your budget

Make Your LBD Work For You – And Not The Other Way Around…

  • Add versatility by wearing your LBD with different accessories
  • Use layering for creating an endless amount of new looks
  • Update your dress to each new season with fresh accessories
  • Wear different tights to make your LBD work for you all year round
  • Elevate your look with these simple styling tricks
  • Give your outfit a more casual look with these easy styling tips

There Is a LBD For All Body Shapes

I always recommend dressing according to your own body shape to my clients. A lot of style advice is based on people having to hide their flaws, rather that embracing what is good about their body.

For me this way of thinking is alien because hiding and projecting negative thoughts towards your body has never done anyone any favors.

My job is to help you to look your best every day. I have selected these 4 I on Image-proof dresses for you to love and wear for years to come.

I love them for their versatility and simplicity. You can dress them up or down by changing accessories -even on the go.

I chose models with sleeves because I know you want them. We simply don’t have the time to look for matching cover-ups. Instant outfits are the way to go in my opinion.

The hem length is also a hot topic so I went for an elegant and wearable knee-length.

There is a little black dress for every body shape out there. Go and discover yours!

Shop For LBD For All Body Shapes

Get more style advice per body shape by clicking the name of your shape. Or shop your LBD by clicking the photo.

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1. LBD For APPLE Body Shape

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little black dress for apple body shape

2. LBD For PEAR Body Shape

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little black dress for pear body shape

3. LBD For RECTANGLE Body Shape

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little black dress for rectangle body shape

4. LBD For HOURGLASS Body Shape

SHOP Edited Wrap Dress “Alene” at AboutYouNL

little black dress for hourglass body shape

Get More Style Inspiration

Did you like these LBD looks? You can find them all on my Pinterest board Party Looks so you can save them on your own style board.

Follow me on Pinterest for more style inspiration. I have a board for everything! And if I don’t please let me know. I am happy to make more.

As a part of my image consulting and personal styling services I am making customized Pinterest boards for my clients. These boards are always secret and available for a little extra payment, just 30 Euros.

When you are having your appointment with me remember to tick the box in the image assessment form requesting for your secret Pinterest board.

LBD for all body shapes curated by your personal stylist Jenni at I on Image
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Round Of Applause

All product photos in this style story are used with kind and generous permission of AboutYouNL. Thank you very much for your support in making this article happen!

*This post was originally published on 15th September 2015 and updated with more style advice, new photos and up-to-date links on 7th November 2019.

26 thoughts on “LBD For All Body Shapes

  1. Karalee says:

    I recently found my long sleeve LBD at a thrift store, and I love it! I’ve worn it so many times already, and I can wear different shoes or accessories to make it feel fresh!

  2. petitehappenings says:

    I agree 100% with you on the versatility of a LBD! Love all the helpful tips on finding the best LBD for one’s body shape!

  3. ellieslondon says:

    These are great tips – personally, I hate black so my LBD always ends up being red ? – but the same rules can definitely be applied in terms of styling! X

  4. I on Image says:

    Hi Sophie, lovely to have you here. There are no wrong bodies, just wrong shape clothes. My job is to give everyone the look that they’ll love forever xxx

  5. glowsteady says:

    It’s so true that there’s one out there for everyone and different styles suit different shapes. The third one is my favourite x


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