Extend The Life Of Your Summer Dress

Wear your summer dress longer with these tips from your personal stylist – Photo by Flaunter on Unsplash

Extend The Life Of Your Summer Dress

Extend the life of your summer dress with these fashion tips from your favorite personal stylist Jenni at I on Image. Grab the best summer to fall transitional styling tips in this blog post and look your best self!

So, you bought yourself a gorgeous summer dress, wore it all summer and now you are experiencing difficulties parting with it? No worries, your personal stylist is here to help.

I really want you to keep on wearing your favorite summer dress until the first snowfall or torrential autumn storm a) for sustainability’s sake and b) because we just love summer style. Follow my attainable styling tips and give your dress a good few weeks more time, perhaps even longer!

As usual, also my transitional style tips are always easy to implement, low-commitment and low-maintenance. When going back to work after the summer, the last thing you want is to faff around with your style. Say hello to smooth mornings and stop worrying about style.

I am here to help you dress with ease and confidence, where ever you may be going. Here comes my complete guide on how to extend the life of your summer dress in style!

Summer To Autumn Transitional Style Tips

1. Wear Your Summer Dress With Opaque Tights

Legs getting covered around town is the first sign of real autumn. This look will make hemlines even on the shorter side appropriate for work and give you an instant leg-lift. I find the investment rather on a low side compared to the huge return in style. Also, I very much like the low cash commitment of this styling idea.

Go for a full-cover, aka opaque, tight or spice up your style with a patterned tight. This easy styling tip is flattering, cheap and practical. Just make sure that the pantyhose is long enough for your legs so they don’t keep on riding down. If you find a model that fits well, buy multiple. I also like to add my favorite tights on my wish list so I can buy them with one click when I need them, or double check my purchase in shop before paying.

2. Team Your Summer Dress With Soft Knitwear

Nothing says autumn better than a cozy knit in an earthly color. Chunky knitwear combines well with florals, polkadots and flowy summer fabrics and anchors your look into the new season. You might not need a coat yet, but those mornings can feel chilly. Layer in style and look cute and comfy all fall long.

Classic beige, cream, black and grey knitwear go with many dresses and make summery prints more autumnal in a flash. Alternatively you can pick a signature color and opt for colorful knitwear instead. A pop of bright looks really fresh this season, especially when teamed with a decadent bordeaux red lip.

3. Wear Your Summer Dress With Boots

A pair of boots will add some edge to your carefree summer styles. This look is always cool and it’s admittedly very handy in rain, which we will be undoubtedly getting plenty of here in The Netherlands. Hope you’re living in a more forgiving climate, but in case you’re not, then invest in a pair of really amazing boots.

Tall boots look amazing with shorter dresses and ankle boots look lovely with midi and maxi dresses. But don’t be shy to try on different combinations. I am a big fan of a midi dress paired with a taller boot, and a knee length dress looks sharp with a sleek ankle boot.

TIP: A knitted boot is always a tempting alternative to leather. Vivaia makes their boot knit from discarded plastic bottles and makes oceans clean for the life that belongs there. I like that idea of repurposing waste material a lot!

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4. Layer A Short Sleeve T-Shirt Under Your Summer Dress

Transition your summer dress from summer to autumn by simply wearing a T-shirt under it. Strappy sundresses have a seemingly short life span but I like to challenge that by wearing a simple fitted T-shirt under them. White is always a fresh look but you can go as wild as you like. There are no rules to observe in here!

This 90’s inspired look is very now and it gives you more coverage on the cleavage area for an work-appropriate attire. Styling your summer dress with a tee allows you to rethink your necklines and re-purpose fashion that you would normally save for warmer temperatures.

TIP: A bodysuit prevents that annoying ride-up effect. No more pulling your top down!

5. Layer A Long Sleeve Top Under Your Summer Dress

Another idea is to wear a long sleeve top under your summer dress. This look has the same 90’s inspired effect as the above style idea but with a longer sleeve, meaning more coverage and more warmth for those crispy autumn days.

You can add warmth by choosing thin merino or cashmere knits, perhaps even with a turtle neck. Proportion-wise this way of styling allows a shorter hemline, especially when teamed with opaque tights (see point 1). And speaking of turtle necks, they are my style staple and I always have a few ready to go. More about them in the next chapter.

6. Layer A Turtleneck Under It

Polo necks and turtle necks under flimsy dresses has got to be the coolest style invention. This look has the same effect as above but with even more coverage for your neck on chilly autumn days.

This look works well with sheath dresses, pinafore dresses and short-sleeved dresses. The high neckline allows you to go for deeper necklines and styles that would otherwise feel too sexy for daytime use.

When you find a nice turtle neck model, get it in two or three different colors. That way you can enjoy multiple versions of the same style and stay nice and warm. The key here is that the top is washing well, because items that are close to your skin need to be washed more often. I would still say it’s worth the wash because the look is nice.

See, there is no reason to pack away something that you love so much and that looks so great on you. With these transitional summer to fall style tips you can just keep on wearing your favorite summer dress until late in the autumn. But when you see snow it’s time to pack the dress away!

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I am also curious to hear your transitional summer to fall style ideas. What are your favorite style tips for making the shift in an effortlessly chic way? Share your best fashion ideas in the comments below.

By the by, would you prefer to shop your summer to fall style with a pro? I shop with all sizes, styles and budgets in Amsterdam and online. Book your personal shopping appointment with me today!

This blog was originally published on 23rd August 2018 and updated on 11th September 2023 with fabulous new fall looks for you to shop.

I am wishing you an amazing new season in style!

Jenni @ I on Image - Content Creator Fuelled by Fashion

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  1. Isa A says:

    The summer look made into fall, I like knitwear on top and long boots below. Very good suggestions and a different post I’ve read lately. Xx
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  2. Charity says:

    These are such great tips for extending the life of your summer dresses. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. ThePlainSimpleLife says:

    These are great tips! Most of my clothing is versatile and can be worn throughout the year and I love to pair a summer dress or skirt with opaque tights, a wool cardigan and boots in the winter!

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