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winter style inspiration


Here is a collection of WINTER STYLE INSPIRATION to keep you looking great no matter where you are going. Stay warm and stylish all winter long + FREE This or That -style game

Winter Edit of This or That -Style Game

To give your winter style some serious panache, I created a winter edition of the popular This or That -style game. You might remember the rules from the previous editions already. I am listing them here so you can go and look back (or reuse) at some great style moments:

Autumn Style Inspiration

Christmas Style Inspiration

As your personal stylist I want to encourage you to experiment with your style so you can find the items, shapes and colours that suit you the best. Have fun and take some risks. Don’t hesitate to invite your friends to do the same. This game is a perfect way to start!

 How To Play This or That -Style Game?

  1. You need a pen and paper to write down your choices.
  2. This game can be played literally anywhere.
  3. Play this game alone or with a friend.
  4. Choose an option from the left or right column and write your preferences down.
  5. Once you have gone through all the options, you’ll have a complete look to wear.
  6. Play the game soon again. Your style preferences can change from day to day.


Winter Edition THIS or THAT Style Game

Winter Style Inspiration By I On Image

Layers are the key to staying warm. Get warm long sleeved undershirts and leggings to keep you nice and toasty. Swap your sheer tights to thicker deniers, such as 60d or even 100d.

There is no point freezing your greatest asset, your brains, when there are so many amazing options to choose from. Get a stylish hat that suits your style and face, and finish off your winter look with a matching scarf and gloves.

Invest in quality knitwear and learn to take good care of them. Consider buying vintage because the quality of knitwear used to be better back in the day. Some of the pieces might last a lifetime, which is a promise the current high street is unable to make.

Buy high quality winter boots that keep you warm and grounded. If it’s snowing you might want to consider leaving your heels at home. Broken or twisted ankles only hinder your success unnecessarily.

Remember to take notes of your best looks so that you can repeat them when needed. This will make your mornings so much easier. Save the winter edition of This or That -style game on your Pinterest as your daily style cheat sheet.

7 Best Winter Materials

  1. Wool: Merino, cashmere, silk wool and technical wool fleece
  2. Classic heritage fabrics such as tweed and plaid
  3. Chanel-style chic bouclé
  4. Velvet and velour
  5. (Faux) fur, especially in jackets
  6. (Eco) shearling also as a shoe or glove lining
  7. Quilted and puffed styles for outerwear
Winter Style Inspiration From Your Personal Stylist

Stay warm and stylish all winter long & share your winter style secrets in comments!

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13 thoughts on “Winter Style Inspiration

  1. I on Image says:

    Yes indeed a very mild winter this year. I am always cold so already wrapped up since November. But I don’t need as many layers as I would in my home country Finland, for example. In Helsinki it has been very mild this year too and hardly any snow.

  2. I on Image says:

    So happy to hear that Madi! I also like both sides and can’t choose, so I am changing my outfit every day -just because it’s fun and I can xx

  3. madidearsonladylike says:

    I love this game, I have to say I like both sides (other than the ear muffs:) I am so on board with you regarding dressing for warmth, layiring can be fun.

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