Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

With this festive post I am wishing you happy New Year 2020 and giving you loads of ideas to make your personal image rock all 2020 long.

This is also the last post of the year and the last post of the decade. How dramatic does that sound? Very dramatic, in my opinion. But if you would have told me in 2010 that I will be writing a blog one day I would have not believed you.

Actually my sister suggested that I would start a blog in 2012 when I was a new mother and living in Geneva, Switzerland. I didn’t have a clue what a blog was let alone how could one average person just go and start one.

What 2019 has taught me though, is that everything and anything is possible. It also taught me that a lot of hard work goes into looking that you’re hardly working at all.

I am most thankful for my grit and my resilience. Without them, you wouldn’t be reading this blog or you wouldn’t be my client.

Changes To I on Image’s Services In 2020

In 2020 I want to give you more. More posts, better content, bigger ideas. I will of course still be working with my 1:1 image consulting and personal styling clients but the content of my services will be updated to the new decade. More information will follow!

My current image consulting and personal styling services will bundled into enticing packages. Those packages will be visible on my website for everyone to purchase just like before.

They will just be better and more unique. There will be a strong emphasis on modern business professionals, working parents, flexible workers and our beloved side hustles.

Some of my current services will be offered only to my newsletter readers. This change will happen in phases as on 1st January 2020. The new services will be revealed in the February 2020 edition of Stylish News from I on Image.

If you are not signed up yet, then this is the moment

Personal Image & Style Tips For 2020

  1. Don’t be afraid to be your best self. The new decade opens new opportunities for everyone. Put your best foot forward and be there to snap the best chances for yourself. Spoiler alert: This is not about toxic opportunism but about realistic and healthy personal development.
  2. Embrace competition. Never underestimate the adrenaline rush that you get from being better than your competition. Winning fair and square is a great feeling, and there is nothing wrong about wanting to be the best.
  3. Remember to be nice. Being successful does not mean using others or being deceitful. Carry yourself gracefully and be open about your motives. Nobody likes a backstabber nor a coward. Don’t engage in gossip or inauthentic company.
  4. Consume less. Simplicity is the way forward. Big consumerism will leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. Learn to appreciate the small things in life because it builds your character. This will reflect directly in your personal image and personal brand.
  5. Practice gratitude and kindness is everything you do. Lift up the people who deserve it, not the people who you think you could profit from. Donate to charities or give up your time. Be generous and honest with your compliments. Never forget your manners and say please and thank you twice as many times as you do now.

Your Free Image Consulting Resources In Blog

And always remember: Your appearance is the most visible part of your personal image

Your Free Resources On Pinterest

  • Start saving some serious New Year’s inspiration today. I have started a brand new board for you to enjoy: New Year Inspiration. You can also request to collaborate with me on this board. That way you can showcase your own work or simply share the joy of the new decade with everyone.
  • One of my most popular boards is Your Image Consultant with relevant sections from personal branding tips to wearable business style ideas. This board is updated regularly throughout the year and is a wonderful source of latest information and inspiration for you. Don’t miss it!

So that’s it from me for this year and for this decade. Let’s rock again in the New Year. I am still out of office until 5th January 2020 but I am reading my emails whenever I get the chance from my vacaying kids.

Did you miss my Holiday Wishes post? Check it out!

I am wishing a very happy New Year 2020 to each and everyone of you!

With love and gratitude,

18 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2020

  1. clairelomax2018 says:

    Amazing list of things to focus on for the year ahead.

    It sounds like exciting things are coming for you my lovely, can’t wait to see where 2020 takes you x

  2. madidearsonladylike says:

    Loving these tips Jenni. Letting ourselves become our best sounds obviouse but it is so not. There is so much power in allowing ourselves to grow and become our best version. Thank you for all the lovely tips on your blog. Looking forward to more in 2020.

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