Timeless Summer Fashion Inspiration

Timeless Summer Fashion Inspiration

Get timeless summer fashion inspiration from your personal stylist. Profit from my fashion advice & get wearable (yet affordable) style ideas. Steal my style and look your best all summer long!

In this post I am sharing my favorite summer looks from the summers of past. Shop your closet for similar styles or shop for a few new pieces to complete your lasting summer look. I always aim for an attainable style that you can easily copy in your routine. Looking amazing doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive.

Go for looks that stand the test of time and make your wardrobe more sustainable in the process. I hope you will have an amazing summer and that you will enjoy your summer in timeless style!

1. Easy Breezy Jumpsuit

I love my super fresh stripy jumpsuit from last summer and will wear it all the time this year. It is amazing with casual flip flops but I also love to dress it up with a pair of killer red peep toes.

It gives me a great energy and a really great shape! Speaking of shape, do you already know how to dress for your shape?

2. Happy Monochrome

Rethink black & white look in retro-summery gingham. Energize the look with stripy mules, adorn it with frills, lace and finish with chic embellishments. I love the monochrome look for joyous polkadots and florals too. It works so well in many styles, such as this tiered mesh dress.

I am usually always advising to stay a bit serious about your style but during holidays we can make an exception to this rule. Because life is too short to be serious 100% of the time. I’d suggest 80-20 rule on this, like on so many other areas in life.

3. Leopard Print Skirt With Ruffles

In fashion it’s been for years: “Go animal print or go home”. I am giving my ruffled Monki leopard print skirt a boost with a red top but it works very well with any bright color, as long as it’s bold.

Classic black, white and denim will always look amazing with animal prints. Accessorize with glamorous gold, of course. Read more about the latest fashion trends in my Spring Summer 2021 Trend Report.

4. Comfortable Jersey Shirt Dress

My jersey shirt dress is a cosy cocoon shape in a pale blush pink. Can you believe that I got this shirt dress already several years ago at COS sales? But being a good sustainable fashion consumer I am wearing it again and again. And loving it a lot!

It’s at it’s best with just simple flip flops but I also love to dress it up with a nude wedge espadrille and a chic clutch. Huge bonus points for it’s no-ironing aspect because who likes to iron in the heat of the summer? Not me.

5. Really Great Sunglasses

If there is one thing that you will wear possible every single day of the summer it’s a great pair of sunglasses. They protect your eyes, keep headaches at bay, hide the fact that you didn’t actually sleep last night (for whatever reason!) and allow you to skip eye makeup.

Take a note from my style book and have yours with a bit of flair. These white imitation marble ones from Le Specs stand out from the crowd for sure!

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Style Ideas: Timeless Summer Fashion Inspiration
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Stay cool and stylish this summer!

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