In The Navy – How To Wear Navy To Work?

Style Tips: How To Wear Navy To Work?
Style Advice: How To Wear Navy? – Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

In The Navy – How To Wear Navy To Work?

In this post you will learn how to wear navy to work and how to combine it with other colors. Keep your business look stylish, elegant and timeless with these style tips from your very own virtual personal stylist.

I am forever in love with navy blue for several seasons now. It’s an universally flattering color and one of the best shades to choose in your working wardrobe. I recommend it to most of my clients and now I am recommending it to you.

It’s a very chic and elegant color, and most certainly less severe than black. It looks AMAZING on most people. There is a shade of navy for everyone. You can also try ink, dark blue, dark petrol or deep cobalt if navy doesn’t suit you.

Gone are the days of boring uniform-like pantsuits that are diplomatic in a sense that they look good on no one. The modern navy is sleek, sexy and modern. It works hard for you around the clock. Yes, navy is also a great choice for evening wear (if and when we can ever go out again!)

Navy Looks To Wear At Work

In this post I am showcasing 6 effortless chic and timeless navy looks to wear at work. I have combined navy with beige, grey, bordeaux red, chic nude and even black. Yes that is allowed nowadays, even encouraged if you ask me. Hope you like them as much as I do!

These looks were originally created with Style Fruits shopping app that has now been discontinued. I still love these looks and find them relevant so I wanted to use them in this updated style guide.

This way I can also highlight the fact that great personal styling stands the test of time. Some of my clients come to me telling that their wardrobes still look amazing years after my visit. That type of feedback really warms my heart!

I am also a big advocate of making your style more sustainable and to help you to make better style choices. Yes, you could buy new items from (local) sustainable brands or get everything second hand. But what is actually more sustainable is wearing what you already have.

1. Navy + Edgy Black

Edgy sophistication for women who fear nothing. This color combination is often considered a no-no but remember the heydays of Phoebe Philo’s Céline and nod along. It can look really amazing! The secret is to keep the look sleek, clean and above all intentional. That way nobody thinks that you dressed up in the dark and mixed navy with black by accident.

1. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Edgy Black
1. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Edgy Black

2. Navy + Cool Grey

Modern understated elegance for every day. This is by far a less severe look thank the black and navy above but the logic remains the same. It’s unexpected and bold in it’s simplicity. Let your accessories do the talking and maybe add an unapologetic matte red lip.

2. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Cool Grey
2. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Cool Grey

3. Navy + Preppy Bordeaux Red

Preppy chic and sporty style that is perfect for business casual days. This combination works really well and is always in. You can lighten it up with a lighter color Oxford shirt or a crisp white blouse. I like gold accessories for this look more than silver but chic pearls would look really fresh too.

3. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Preppy Bordeaux Red
3. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Preppy Bordeaux Red

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4. Navy + Elegant Taupe

Soft and sophisticated look for every day use. A classic color combo doesn’t get much more wearable than this, right? These workwear separates are the kind that you can buy now and wear in 10 year’s time without anyone blinking an eye. Make your look season appropriate by changing your accessories depending on your mood or the latest fashion.

4. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Elegant Taupe
4. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Elegant Taupe

5. Navy + Sophisticated Beige

Timeless elegance with a hint of bourgeois chic. This is my favorite way to wear navy. I like to keep my accessories on the glam side and sometimes I’ll throw in a sexy leopard print to make things more interesting. In my opinion this combination makes everything look more expensive and it adds sophistication to your style. Give it a try!

5. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Sophisticated Beige
5. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Sophisticated Beige

6. Navy + Chic Nude

Sexy and modern way to wear navy to work. As we know a nude pump makes many looks more relevant and elegant. Navy is no exception and I am encouraging you to try it when the temperature allows you to wear nude pantyhose or go tightless. I love this look with sophisticated gold accessories and chic monograms.

6. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Chic Nude
6. How To Wear Navy To Work: Navy + Chic Nude

Get More Ideas On How To Wear Navy

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I have also pinned all these looks on my Pinterest board Working Wardrobe. You can save them on your own style board for your fashion inspiration and get even more ideas on how to wear navy to work.

Style Tips: How To Wear Navy To Work? Workwear advice by your personal stylist Jenni at I on Image

Navy is not your color after all? Try a green office look or go for a white workwear style instead.

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Enjoy looking chic at work in navy!

This post was originally published on 2nd November 2015 and updated on 9th March 2021 with new links and better structure.

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  1. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I MUCH prefer navy to black, black’s so harsh whereas navy is more nuanced. And navy + beige is such a classy combination – thank you for these tips, Jenni! xx

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