Going Green – How To Wear Green To Work?

Going Green - How To Wear Green To Work? Personal styling advice from Jenni at I on Image
Style Advice: How To Wear Green? – Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

Going Green – How To Wear Green To Work?

In this post you will learn how to wear green to work and how to combine it with other colors. Make your office (or WFH = Working From Home) look stylish, elegant and effortless with these virtual personal styling tips from your favorite style expert Jenni at I on Image.

This time of the year I find myself drawn to all things green. I associate the color strongly with nature, spring and everything getting back to life again. For me it’s the color of tranquility, freshness, growth and fertility. There’s a lot of optimism in green but also a lot of serenity.

Green makes me think of safety and it’s also commonly associated with money. It’s a delightfully fresh looking color that to my excitement makes a return in fashion every few years. Right now we get to enjoy a whole array of different shades of green: Apple, lime, grass, moss, avocado…

With green it’s important to choose the right shade for your skin tone to avoid looking sick -or envious- but there is a shade for everyone. The best way to find out is to just go and bravely try things on.

Cooler skin tones look amazing cold shades of green, such as emerald, bottle green or sea foam. Warm skin tones look stunning in warmer shades of green, such as lime, khaki or grass green.

If bright shades of green feel too intimidating, try softer shades such as olive, moss and sage. I find these softer and muted shades of green more flattering on many skin tones. You can also play with the color by wearing it as a print or only in your accessories. The choice is yours!

Elegant & Effortless Green Looks

In this post I am showcasing 6 effortless chic and timeless green looks to wear at work. I have combined green with:

  1. Cream + Green = Elegant
  2. White + Green = Fresh
  3. Beige + Green = Sophisticated
  4. Blush Pink + Green = Chic
  5. Black + Green = Edgy
  6. Grey + Green = Cool

This story makes a strong case for timeless personal styling. I want to make your style more sustainable and to help you to choose better. The most sustainable item is always the one that is already hanging in your wardrobe. You just need to find ways to rediscover them and to repurpose your clothes.

These looks were originally created with now discontinued Style Fruits shopping app. But I still adore these looks and find them relevant so I wanted to use them in this updated style story. Hope you like these outfits as much as I do!

1. Green + Elegant Cream

Elegant creamy white is a great compliment to many softer or lighter shades of green. I love to combine this neutral palette with dainty gold jewelry. Keep the silhouette clean and classic for a contemporary chic look.

How To Wear1. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Elegant Cream
1. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Elegant Cream

2. Green + Fresh White

Fresh white goes with most shades of green. A crisp white shirt or a feminine wrap blouse is a great way to keep the look bright. Keeping the splash of green on your bottom half is a great way to wear a shade that doesn’t exactly match with your skin tone.

2. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Fresh White
2. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Fresh White

3. Green + Sophisticated Beige

Soft beige tames deeper shades of green but it goes really well with lighter shades too. I would say it’s an universally easy way to wear green (or any other color really). If your look needs spicing up you can consider going metallic and wearing your green with a golden or a bronzy shade of beige.

3. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Sophisticated Beige
3. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Sophisticated Beige

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4. Green + Chic Blush Pink

Wearing green with blush pink is probably my favorite way to go. Just like shades of soft beige, chic blush pink is more feminine and more playful. For this combination there’s no better choice of jewelry than fashionable rose gold.

4. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Chic Blush Pink
4. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Chic Blush Pink

5. Green + Edgy Black

Oh good old black! There is no better color for work but it also works really well in the evening. Some shades of green may look a bit harsh combined with black during daytime. A way to solve it is to show a bit of skin as it makes all looks immediately more approachable and less severe.

5. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Edgy Black
5. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Edgy Black

6. Green + Cool Grey

Grey is along beige a fantastic way to wear your greens. Opt for soft materials like knitted wool. Let the fabric flow and keep the silhouette soft. Black ankle boots and saddle bag keep the look casual and toughen it up a notch.

6. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Cool Grey
6. How To Wear Green To Work: Green + Cool Grey

Get More Stylish Ideas On How To Wear Green

My image & style blog is a great resource of amazing workwear style. Some of my blog posts contain shoppable LIKEtoKNOW.it links that you can shop 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

I have also saved these green business looks on my Pinterest board “Working Wardrobe”. You can go and save them on your own style board for your workwear style inspiration.

Going Green - How To Wear Green To Work? PINTEREST IMAGE
Going Green – How To Wear Green To Work? – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

PRO TIP: Green is not your color after all? Try navy workwear instead or go for an all white office look. You can try chic bordeaux work fashion too.

If you don’t feel like shopping on your own, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. Along with my image consulting services I offer personal shopping service -live and online.

Enjoy wearing green at work in style!

This post was originally published on 28th September 2016 and updated on 25th January 2022

14 thoughts on “Going Green – How To Wear Green To Work?

  1. Jenni @ I on Image says:

    It is a difficult one to wear indeed! But as a personal stylist I want to help my readers and clients to explore new ideas, such as fresh ways to wear a colour that they always considered tricky. Thank you for reading Sophie xx

  2. Lisa's Notebook says:

    Green and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations too. As is navy and green because I find navy more flattering than black (on me anyway). Lovely post, Jenni, lots of fab takeaways, thank you! x

  3. Karalee says:

    I have a dress that has a black top and green skirt, but besides that I don’t own anything else green haha. I do like the green and black combo.

  4. Jenni @ I on Image says:

    Yes, it’s definitely one of those controversial colours that people either love or hate. But you’re right that black is still the best colour to wear in so many situations. I wore head-to-toe black all past week 😀

  5. Unwanted Life says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever worn green since my prom night around the age of 14. Green has never really been a colour I’ve liked. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that isn’t black in my clothes collection

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