Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends COVER
Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends That You’ll Love – Created with Canva

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends That You’ll Love

Enjoy the latest Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends selected by your very own (virtual) Personal Stylist Jenni at I on Image.

This piece dedicated to those who love fashion but can’t be asked to find out what’s actually in. I understand that looking trendy might not be in your top 10 right now but it does offer us perfect escapism from the pandemic.

This article is an inclusive piece that supports age positivity and encourages to shop your own closet. After all, sustainable fashion will continue to reign as a mega-trend and ignoring it would be naive.

If you are planning to buy new items, please consider supporting your local shops or fashion bloggers and influencers, like myself, whose income largely depends on affiliate links.

On popular demand I will also list the three fashion trends that I won’t be wearing this season. However, that chapter is not to be taken too seriously and if you love a trend, just go ahead and wear it with pride!

The Best SS21 Fashion Trends

  1. Monochrome Maidens
  2. Nostalgic Crochet Cool
  3. Pretty Pastels
  4. Shirts Reinvented
  5. New Lounge Aesthetic
  6. Soft Accessories
  7. Escapism

7 x SS21 Fashion Trends That I Love

1. Monochrome Maidens

It’s no surprise that turbulent times will bring out the classics. The ever-so-chic combination of black and white is always in and it looks good on everyone. This look is always worth investing in, especially when the future is so uncertain.

While a monochrome palette works really well for evening and occasion wear, it makes also fabulous workwear and even leisure wear. Think about all those amazing business casual (or even business formal) pieces that you have. I bet there’s a lot of black and white in your working from home wardrobe!

Plus points of this look are that it’s seasonless, instantly polished and that matching accessories to your monochrome look is easy. Don’t forget to embrace all the B&W prints of the season, such as joyous polkadots, energetic stripes, happy florals and smart checks. And don’t forget the mega-trending monograms and logo-prints!

2. Nostalgic Crochet Cool

This boho trend has strong 70’s (AND 90’s) vibes and I can’t get enough of it. After being months in lockdown the nostalgic home-made vibe feels so very appealing. These styles take us back to the time when busy grandmas crocheted us cute little sundresses with matching hats. Summers were long and lazy -and carefree. Obviously it was a simpler time and now we look back to it with love.

I love the girly mini dress styles, floor-sweeping maxi dresses and those pretty little tops. Crochet as a material has a see-through element to it that makes it young and playful. Floral patterns and fringes make the look perfect for the summer. I also recommend trying styles in delicate pointelle knit which is also big rigth now.

I can’t get enough of the zig-zagging chevron patterns that Missoni made famous already in the late 60’s. This hippy-chic look keeps on making a comeback every few seasons and is definitely worth the investment. There is something very uplifting about the caleidoscope of color and the joyous chic look that stands the test of time.

3. Pretty Pastels

A spring summer color palette doesn’t get much cuter than this! Think of all the beautiful 50’s shades of ice cream and bubble gum. Or how about the 90’s Chanel tweed suits with mini skirts and matching bralettes? Basically it’s prettiness, nostalgia and glamour of the simpler days all in the same cute package.

You can toughen up your look with a dash of denim. I prefer faded, washed and distressed styles for this look but white denim does wonders too. Great basics in monochrome black and white are a great canvas for this optimistic spring style.

Style your pretty pastel look with glamorous gold chains, cheeky sailor buttons and strings of pearls. Keep your look modern with a simple hair and makeup. I really love the 90’s vibes of this style but, man, we wore a lot of makeup back then! Let’s not forget that we will be wearing this look in 2021.

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4. Shirts Reinvented

Button down styles that are borrowed from the boys are having a massive moment in fashion. Gone are the stuffy blouses and fitted shirts, enter the crisp over-sized cotton shirt. In it’s simplicity it’s a really clever item – and most likely you already own it.

These shirts have a lot of volume that gives you more styling options. You can belt it, layer it, tie it, wrap it… Opt for a long style in a fashionable midi-length or make it way hotter by opting for a mini. Wrap your shirt nonchalantly over a slip dress or tie it loosely over your denim shorts.

The crisp no-nonsene cotton makes a fantastic background for statement jewelry and bold makeup. Your shoes can be as casual as you want: Sneakers, espadrilles, even flip flops… But I love this style combined with a trendy padded, braided or strappy kitten heel sandal.

5. New Lounge Aesthetic

Loungewear has had a huge moment in fashion ever since we got locked down in March 2020. First it was responding to our need to cocoon, to lounge all day and above all: to feel safe. Fast forward to 2021, the WFH aesthetic has evolved from sweatpants and hoodies, and it looks now more fashion-forward than it did in the beginning of the pandemic.

The new biz-leisure, aka pandemic business casual, stays true to it’s ultimate meaning and the look is still all about feeling good and staying home in style but looking forward to better times. The materials, the color palette and the details have gone through a facelift and the look has matured over the course of time.

Now the vibe is looking into the future and anticipating a more social life, perhaps even returning to the office a few days here and there. There were a lot of sophisticated knitted dresses in chic shades of beige. These feminine styles work wonders when working from home and beyond.

It’s all about simplicity, feeling good and staying grounded (sometimes literally as man y parts of the world are still under lockdown). These are the values that are close to our hearts right now and fashion is a great way to echo the sentiment. Plus points for almost zero maintenance, rapidly increasing use of recycled materials and the opportunity to layer endlessly.

6. Soft Accessories

This trend actually started already last year but now it has evolved so much that it’s worth mentioning on it’s own. The loungewear vibe has trickled down to the shapes and materials that we are seeing. While some designers showed a selection of hyper-structured bags and pointy stilettos the biggest winners were pillow-like bags and puffy sandals.

I am very much in love with the braided heeled sandal styles combined with soft pouch-like bags adorned with chunky chains. One the other hand the un-stuctured city-proof beach bags with padded or quilted mules are calling me big time. The favorite of many summers past, the humble pool slide, is showing no signs of making way to other styles.

The house slipper is actually trending (see also point 5.) and it’s looking more fashionable that ever before. I am oddly attracted to fluffy slippers in pretty pastels or bright shades of summer.

7. Escapism

The common theme of spring summer 2021 fashion is escapism. We either dream of holidays in exotic places, lavish parties with fabulous people, dwell in nostalgia or hide away in our cozy cocoons at home. The feeling of wanting something better and exploring new horizons was strongly reflected in the current fashion.

All styles that take us far away from the now were on demand. While we might not be able to travel this summer, nothing stops us from dreaming. It’s kind of soothing that our imagination can take us anywhere without limitations. Our wardrobes can be ready to go to places even if we are not.

This season is an ideal moment to unleash those dreams and let our style reflect it. There is an array of nostalgic souvenir prints and exotic tropical florals for you to choose from. Mix and match these with nautical stripes or vivid rainbow stripes, jolly polkadots or even earthy animal prints. Enjoy your dream travels safely at home!

3 x SS21 Fashion Trends That I Won’t Indulge In

  1. Bare midriffs: Bralettes, flossing, cut-outs…they are just too bare and somehow too harsh
  2. Micro-miniskirts – Because if I am about to buy something new I would like it to cover my derrière
  3. Baggy jeans – It’s just too much fabric and too much hassle with the right shoes

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Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends
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Staying home is a great opportunity to freely explore the latest fashion trends for spring summer 2021. Have fun with your style and try out new looks. Give yourself the permission to wear what you have always wanted to wear. There is no better time to re-discover yourself than spring.

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Wishing you a very stylish new fashion season SS21!

10 thoughts on “Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

  1. Karalee says:

    I don’t really follow trends, but I can definitely get behind these! I love the look of pastels, but I personally wouldn’t wear them myself.
    I completely agree the bare midriffs, micro-miniskirts & baggy jeans are trends I don’t want to follow.

  2. Jenni @ I on Image says:

    Thank you for reading my blog Lisa! Actually I love the idea of wearing a 70’s cheesecloth shirt but not sure how to incorporate it in my wardrobe. Hahaha, yes let’s stay away from those trends!

  3. Jenni @ I on Image says:

    Thank you Claire! I also feel that there’s been a long pause and now people are craving for style again. Your polkadot dress sounds really lovely. Please do get it out and let me know how it went xx

  4. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I actually love all of these although I think the crochet is a little too reminiscent of the 1970s for me (cheesecloth shirts!). And I’m very much with you on the three trends that you won’t be wearing – neither will I 🙂 x

  5. clairelomax2018 says:

    It’s interesting to see what’s in style right now. It feels like fashion has had to take a year off.
    I still find it odd having to get dressed up each day now I am back at work.

    I love the black and white look, I love stripes and polka dots. In fact my favourite dress is white with black dots.

    Think I’ll have to get it out soon x

  6. bournemouthgirl says:

    I remember when Boy London was really big and I loved the simple Boy London prints on the T-shirt’s and the caps! I am looking forward to being able to roam around the shops and see what clothes are about for the Summer. X

  7. Jenni @ I on Image says:

    Thank you so much Jenny! I also love the shirt trend. It’s so versatile and you can use those items for years to come. I try to avoid posting fashion trends that are really for just one or two seasons for sustainability’s sake xx

  8. Jenny in Neverland says:

    I’m not one to follow trends at all but I’m always interested to see what is in style! I love the shirts section – you can’t go wrong with a good shirt and there’s always so many ways to style it x

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