Styling A Frilly Polkadot Jumpsuit

Frilly Polkadot Jumpsuit Teamed With Beige Braided Kitten Heel Sandals
Frilly Polkadot Jumpsuit Teamed With Braided Sandals

Styling A Frilly Polkadot Jumpsuit

Today I am styling a frilly polkadot jumpsuit. It’s such a joyous little happy number from cheap and cheerful high street brand Stradivarius.

I have actually shopped there only once before because I always thought their stuff fits only teenagers. But I fell in love with this one and wanted to give it a try. So I went and bought it.

In case you are wondering, I don’t get free clothes from brands for photos. All the items that I use in my style stories are my own and I bought them for a full price -or whichever price they have online.

More About The Jumpsuit

I honestly didn’t expect it to be a success but I fit their size L. It’s about right because I am usually an M or an L, depending on the model. My body shape is pear so I often need to take bottom one size up.

The model is very flattering and the length is a bit shorter 7/8. The front stays nicely closed but I secured it with a little safety pin, just in case.

The material is pleated polyester that makes it super low maintenance. I washed it with a quick cold cycle and just hung it to dry. You can forget ironing.

Those Braided Kitten Heel Sandals

I have seen these beautiful beige braided kitten heel sandals on Instagram since March. That was still lockdown time so I didn’t pay much attention to anything outside my family’s immediate needs.

But then came April and nice weather and my inner fashionista woke up from winter sleep. I kept on seeing them more and couldn’t help wondering if they would be the 2020 equivalent of The Dress 2019.

To my delight I found out that you don’t have to drop a 3-figure sum to get your feet on point. They are actually also from Stradivarius and very affordable.

The fit is comfy thanks to the braided band. I am usually between 37 and 38 and so I took a 38 from these. It’s a perfect fit. I am dreaming about teaming them with my beige work dresses or denim later this summer.

How To Style Your Jumpsuit?

I have included a couple of options so you can make the look your own. I couldn’t possibly resist that cute oversized hair bow. The belt adds definition if you feel like amping up your look.

Which one is your favorite way to style your frilly polkadot jumpsuit?

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Wishing you a very stylish summer!

10 thoughts on “Styling A Frilly Polkadot Jumpsuit

  1. Amber Page says:

    Love this! I have gotten more and more into polka dots lately and I love it!

    Amber – The Unpredicted page

  2. I on Image says:

    Thank you for sharing Sophie! Lucky you with those gorgeous long legs. Look for models that have an elastic waistband (like this one). You could puff the top part a bit and even accentuate your waist with a belt. Hope this helps xx

  3. glowsteady says:

    I love jumpsuits as an easy outfit! I struggle with them sometimes though because I’m only 5ft and petite clothes don’t fit either (really high waist/ long legs so the waist never sits right with petite) but when I find one that works I usually wear it to death. This one looks really pretty! x


  4. I on Image says:

    Yeah that’s usually holding me back too. But this one has an elastic waistband that helps it from falling on the bathroom floor. Also it has no zips or buttons that require acrobatics to get get the jumpsuit back on.

  5. Living with a Vision says:

    I think outfits like this are so cute! The big issue my mind comes across (and why I don’t own any) is if you need to use the loo everything has to come off. Lol ??

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