Beautiful Gold Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Beautiful Gold Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Holidays from Blush Jewelry at De Bijenkorf
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Beautiful Gold Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Here comes a selection of beautiful 14k gold jewelry gift ideas for the holidays. Selected with love by your personal stylist Jenni at I on Image.

Welcome to the first episode of I on Image’s holiday gift guides. I will be dropping more guides in the coming weeks to help you shop great holiday gifts for your loved ones.

In this post I have selected delicate 14k gold jewelry from Blush Jewels. It’s a Dutch brand that makes sophisticated and chic creations for every day use and for special occasions.

Few are the people who are in a financial position (and mindset) to splurge on a real diamond. That’s why I wanted to give you the option to get something amazing without breaking the bank completely.

This beautiful selection of gold jewelry gift ideas will help you show your love and appreciation this holiday season. They will delight and surprise the gem-lovers in your life. Or make an ideal gift for yourself for being good (or less good, I don’t judge) all year!

Shop Here: Elegant Gold Jewelry With Sparkly Zirkonias

Yellow gold stands for luxury, glamour and wealth. It’s a beautiful warm shade that flatters many skin tones. From all jewelry metals it’s by far the most popular one in the whole world.

These pieces of gold jewelry can be worn on their own or stacked for an more elaborate look. All pieces work seamlessly together so you can choose a selection that can be mixed and matched for different styles.

Yellow gold combined with sparkly zirconias creates a cheerful and elegant look that stands the test of time. Zirconia is an affordable option to diamonds and it’s also a sustainable choice of gemstone.

It’s a fully man-made stone created in a laboratory rather than mined, liked much-debated diamonds. Zirconia’s sparkle is flawless and powerful. It shines light to the darkest of days and dances with in the sun light.

Blush Jewels - Gold Jewelry Gift Guide by Personal Stylist Jenni at I on Image in The Netherlands
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Shop Your Holiday Gifts Online With A Personal Shopper

I understand that gift shopping is a challenge this year. You might be short of time or the house is never quiet enough to start planning.

Also some shops have limited opening hours due to COVID-19 restrictions. Or perhaps you prefer to stay socially distant to protect your health.

Shopping for gifts online can be a daunting task, especially if you lack experience. I am here to help you! With my guidance you can select the best gifts for your family and friends.

Surprise everyone with lovely and thoughtful gifts!

I promise to stay within your budget and to choose stores with fast delivery. I also look for shops with gift wrapping service and good return policies.

Book your online holiday gift shopping service today!

Wishing you a truly wonderful holiday season!

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