3 Reasons To Hire Me

3 Reasons To Hire Me

It’s time to claim the ownership of your image but what really is the added value of hiring an image consultant? In this blog article I have listed 3 very good reasons to hire me.

Learn about the benefits of my image consulting and personal styling services. All my style coaching and fashion styling services are available also online as virtual styling packages.

It’s time to start a new journey. You too can look and feel amazing every single day!

3 Reasons To Hire An Image Consultant

1. Set Yourself Apart

Style is a powerful form of self-expression and your image has a huge impact on your success. It’s getting increasingly more popular to hire an image coach or get professional styling advice.

These services are no longer reserved to the rich and famous. You too can get professional advice on your image and style. Start looking better on the spot!

When there is so much information available it’s easy to lose insight. Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin and that’s when I come to your rescue.

I map with your the image and style areas you need the most help with. This way you have a clear plan and realistic goals to work on.

Your friends and family will always think about you through their own perception. With me there are no strings attached. I will give you unbiased advice on your personal image and style.

My job is to make you shine and to make your life easier. Your success is my success. I enjoy the most to see the glow of confidence and excitement on your face when you try on an outfit that belongs to your style story and feel your own.

You will enjoy unleashing the power of your image and discovering your personal style. Others certainly will notice the changes!

2. Save Money

I will help you to get rid of the items in your wardrobe that are no longer relevant. During the process you will rediscover items that you had forgotten about.

You will also learn to use the clothes that you always found difficult to combine. I know which items are missing from your wardrobe and which items would complete your look.

With me you will always shop with an intention. You will never return home from your shopping trip with the 5th black cardigan or a fashionable item that looks dated in a month’s time ever again.

I am not a sales person and so I don’t take any kickbacks from shops from your purchases. My affiliate links (such as those on LIKEtoKNOW.it) are always clearly marked so you can make an educated style choice.

I shop with all budgets and all brands from Primark to Prada. As a bonus I also often know when the sales start. Sometimes I can even predict which items will end up in sales so you can snatch them for half the price when the time is right.

3. Save Time

Get dressed in a flash? Shop like a stylist? Yes please. I have made a career of knowing how to build looks that complement your best features. My eagle eye will spot the hidden gems in the fashion jungle.

Which shops have the nicest staff and tidiest fitting rooms? Your personal shopper will know. I have a nose for when the new stock is coming in. Sometimes I can resurface those coveted sold out items.

Your shopping experience is planned so that we spend minimum time from moving from shop to another. I always keep in mind your:

  • Realistic budget
  • Body shape
  • Unique coloring
  • Lifestyle

With my style help you will learn how to get the most of your new clothes. You will also learn how to take care of them so you can cherish them for years.

I also know the web shops inside out: Which shop has the best fashion, best customer care and the best terms & conditions for you. Enjoy online shopping with your personal stylist from the comfort of your home.

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Need more convincing before getting in touch with me? Hear it from my wonderful clients and make an educated decision. I want you to be absolutely happy and confident about working with me.

Do you have more questions about my (virtual) image consulting and personal styling services? Read FAQ at I on Image

Thank you for reading along! Let me know why would you choose to hire me as your (virtual) image consultant or personal stylist in comments. Or ask me a question about my services!

This article was originally published on 13th March 2017 on I on Image’s blog and updated on 25th February 2021.

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Hire Me

  1. Nancy says:

    I love the different reasons you give for hiring an image consultant. I need to do a better job with styling, but it gets hard with having to balance everything. I see the appeal with outsourcing, since you are utilizing someone’s expertise at the end! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. I on Image says:

    Thank you for the nice feedback Lisa! WFH is easy indeed as anything goes. However, I have a lot of occasion styling clients who normally never dress up but want to make an effort for a special event xxx

  3. Lisa's Notebook says:

    This was so interesting, Jenni. I’ve never really thought about using an image consultant but I think it would have been very helpful to me in my earlier career. Nowadays I work from home and have done so for the last 12 years, so I don’t need to dress up anymore. But very useful to know more about what you do and how it helps! Lisa x

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