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FAQ At I On Image

Welcome to FAQ at I on Image! Here comes 12 answers to real questions from real people. The answers will help you choose the right image consultant or personal stylist for you.

1. Who Is Your Typical Image Consulting Client?

My typical client appreciates that your image is a powerful form of self-expression and has great impact on how you feel about yourself. She has a busy life juggling demanding work and personal life.

Her goal is to to dedicate more time for their friends, families and personal development. Also, she values self-care and is willing to invest in services that make her life easier.

She might already have a great style but managing it is no longer a priority to her. Just like you would have a career coach , nutritionist or a personal trainer, many people like to have their personal image and style outsourced to a professional.

This way she has more time for things that really matter, such as family, friends, career, personal development or just chilling out. Do you wish to have more time for yourself too? Let’s take at least one thing off your To Do -list!

2. How Do The Online Image Consulting & Personal Styling Sessions Work?

On popular demand I on Image offers also online image consulting and personal styling sessions via WhatsApp call or on Zoom. This option is ideal for those who prefer to have the consulting from the comfort of their own home or office.

Online image consulting and personal styling sessions have become increasingly popular. It’s a great way to squeeze a consultation to your busy schedule. This service is available all over the world and also during Corona-lockdowns.

You fill in an image assessment form before your online image consulting appointment. That will be our roadmap during the session. I have prepared some topics for us to discuss and you are welcome to ask more questions during the call. 

After the session I will add my notes to your image assessment form and return it back to you.

Usually I recommend booking 3-5 online sessions and having one session per week. The conversation will last 45 minutes at a time. I will give you homework and some reading to help you reach your goals.

Please note that online sessions need to be prepaid. You can choose to pay by Tikkie (available in The Netherlands only), PayPal (worldwide) or with a regular invoice. All services include 21% VAT and need to be prepaid.

3. How Many Hours I Should Reserve?

I on Image has a 2 hour booking minimum (except on online consultations, see point 2). The optimal duration of one appointment is somewhere between 2 – 4h. Anything more on one go starts to get quite intense and of course I don’t want to  exhaust you.

We can always book a second session on another day. Rome was not built in a day and the same applies to your image.

Your booked services will calculated in half hour increments. If your session lasts 2.5h you will still be invoiced for 3h.

FAQ about image consulting and personal styling
FAQ about I on Image’s image consulting and personal styling services – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

4. Can I See BEFORE & AFTER Photos Of Other Clients?

I know that many people are uncomfortable having their photos on the internet and social media, especially the before pictures. I am not comfortable trying to convince my clients to do something that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing myself.

Many of my clients prefer anonymity and confidentiality, and I want to fully respect that wish. With me nobody will ever have to know that you have had styling help. You will just suddenly look much better and people will think that maybe you have lost weight or by coincidence found a color that really suits you. My lips remain sealed.

Remember that everyone has their own unique style that reflects their one-of-a-kind personality. As a professional image consultant and personal stylist I understand how to make you shine and look like the best version of you without copying a look from someone else.

I can of course take your before and after photos for your personal use with your own device. I even recommend taking photos of your best outfits so you can keep a style journal. It will help you out your best foot forward on busy mornings.

Read in detail about the way I handle your personal details in I on Image’s Privacy Policy.

5. Is There A Minimum Personal Shopping Budget?

No. I work with all budgets and all brands from Primark to Prada. It’s still wise to plan a bit ahead and give the topic some thought to avoid overspending and buyer’s remorse. I never recommend overspending or going into debt for fashion.

Some of my clients are not willing to buy anything new just yet. They love to browse in shops and try on different styles and colors. I am 100% ok with that and I promise I won’t get frustrated like a shop assistant might do.

I am also very happy to shop the sales with you!

You pay me for image and style advice, not for the clothing. I don’t take kickbacks from stores, with the exception of some online shopping. In this case affiliate links are always clearly marked so you can always make an educated purchase.

6. Why Would I Pay You When Some Shops Offer Free Personal Styling?

This is a great question and sometimes I do indeed recommend shopping at a free service instead of paying me.

However those free personal shopping services at malls and department stores will sell you their current selection. I will recommend you items from other shops or brands if I think they will suit you better or they are better quality.

It’s important to remember that free personal shoppers in stores are above all sales people and for some their salary depends on your purchases.

My fee is the same regardless if you buy or not. Some clients just want to try things on to see how different styles and colors work on their unique body shape. I am 100% ok with that and I have done it several times with my clients.

After a wardrobe edit session I will also know what you already have. That way I can plan around your existing wardrobe and make your style even more streamlined. Many people value these minimalistic and ecological aspects of my personal styling services.

FAQ about image consulting and personal styling
FAQ about I on Image’s image consulting and personal styling services – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST


7. Where Do You Shop?

Having worked in fashion retail myself I am quite picky about where I take my clients. I always want to offer an inspiring and pleasant experience for you and to be able to do that I weigh the following aspects:

  • Your wishes: This is where it all starts!
  • Location: I consider distances between shops so that your time is not unnecessarily wasted on travel
  • Shop staff: This is self-explanatory. They just need to be good and give me the space to work.
  • Shop selection: I follow my favorite shops actively so I know when it’s the best time to visit them.
  • Shop’s overall experience: I love shops that look nice and display their items well. Clean fitting rooms are a must. It’s a big plus if they serve drinks or snacks, offer tailoring services and other great extras that help you feel at ease. I am also a huge fan of shops that have daylight.

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8. What If I Really Hate Shopping?

Majority of my clients find shopping a daunting task and some will exclusively shop online with me for this very reason. Some of my clients have told me that after shopping with me they actually enjoyed shopping because they enjoyed the end results so much.

I understand that some people will always hate shopping. I fully accept it as long as you agree to try the things on. It’s my job to take you out of your comfort zone and to challenge your style choices.

9. What If I Love Shopping?

I just love shopping with clients who enjoy it as much as I do! However some of my clients who love shopping don’t always know how to pick the best pieces for themselves. So having a personal shopper will improve your shopping experience and overall style.

Some of my clients just love to have someone shop with them. And some are shopping for a big event or an important job interview. Having a personal stylist with them makes them feel more secure and satisfied about their choices.

FAQ about image consulting and personal styling
FAQ about I on Image’s image consulting and personal styling services – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

10. What If My Wardrobe Is A Total Mess?

I understand perfectly that you may not have the time to clear out your closet before my visit. You may have had the good intentions but life happens.

You won’t be able to scare me away with your unorganized wardrobe. I have seen it all. I have worked in a house that was being renovated and with a client who was moving to another house.

Just make sure to have your key items handy so we don’t lose too much time from your session searching for them.

11. Is It Ok That My Child Is There?

Absolutely! I have two children myself and I know very well how hard it is to get a sitter. Many of my clients have just had a baby and don’t want to part with their little one.

Feedings are usual business at I on Image. You take care of your baby, I will take care of your style. Once I even helped to burp a baby when his mother was trying on clothes!

12. Billing Information

You can choose to pay your selected image consulting and personal styling services by Tikkie (NL only), PayPal or with a regular invoice. Invoices are sent by email as a PDF file. For a paper copy of an invoice I charge 5€.

All services include 21% VAT. 14 days payment terms apply on invoices and all services need to be prepaid.

  • VAT 21% included in package prices
  • 14 days payment terms apply on all invoices
  • Free cancellation 48h before the appointment. After that 50% will be invoiced. Rescheduling is free of charge and can be done 3 times
  • Dutch VAT number (btw-id) NL002439549B82
  • I on Image -Image Consulting is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 63903288 in 2015

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Don’t be shy, ask me anything related to my image consulting and personal styling services in Amsterdam area and online. I would love to help you to make an educated choice!

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Your questions might also help someone who would love to make an appointment with an image consultant but is too shy to ask what it entails.

Hope this post helped you to make the right personal stylist choice for you!

This blog was originally published on 22nd March 2017 and updated on 7th February 2022

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  1. I on Image says:

    Thank you Sophie, that’s nice to hear. It took me some bravery to publish that because it is a bit painful question for us personal shoppers. But it get asked a lot and it is a valid question so I wanted to include it.

  2. glowsteady says:

    I loved your answer to number 6! It’s so true and it seems that people often forget that when they use those services. Good to know that you’re not intimidated by a messy wardrobe too! x


  3. I on Image says:

    Hi Charity, you should consider it. There’s a lot of people who are shy to ask but their question might have already been asked. This also works when your clients are on different time zones and you are not there to answer them immediately. Give it a try!

  4. I on Image says:

    Happy to hear that it was a helpful post Lisa! Many people want to ask these questions but are too shy or don’t have the time for correspondence. I saw the need to update this post from it’s original publishing date because with new customers comes new questions. But there are no silly questions. I am very keen to answer them all!

  5. Lisa's Notebook says:

    Oh, I love this post, Jenni, it’s such a good idea. It’s like you read my mind, you’ve addressed every single question I might have, all in one place! And fantastic that you can accommodate children too! 🙂

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