Working in the heatwave

How to stay cool when the temperature keeps on rising? I on Image brings you 5 office looks that are all +30C proof!

You won’t be seeing my usual greys, blacks and beiges in this edit. This is the perfect season to rock some serious colour and crisp white is my preferred neutral to pair those sunny shades of coral, pineapple, grass, strawberry and the Mediterranean right now.

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You may not need the blazer but I have added a fitted white one in case you have to present or meet a client. It upgrades your look immediately to business class and it’s nice to have sleeves should the office air-co be turned on max.

Commuters, pregnant ladies and those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, I have selected stylish flats to complement each outfit. Open toes are ok in most offices but make sure yours are at least well buffed. Neutral is the most stylish nail varnish shade of the season but nothing beats a classic red.

Stylish sunglasses are of course a must when you are popping out for your soy caramel frappuccino. Bold summery accessories in sunny shades and shimmer finish your look and add extra laid-back cool into your look.



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