My Summer Essentials

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My Summer Style Essentials

My summer style essentials are revealed in this blog. Dress for the summer you’d like, not for the summer you have! A selection of fashionable summer staples from your very own personal stylist.

These are the items that make my summer. Your list might look a bit different than mine but this is a nice start. Think fabulous sunglasses, a flirty sundress, that turquoise necklace that takes you right back to Amalfi coast…

Without these essentials my summer just wouldn’t feel the same. Mine are classic pieces that you can keep on wearing over and over again.

For this article I have added some of my favorites that you can shop on the app. Let me know in comments which ones were your favorites.

My Summer Fashion Favorites

1. Printed Maxi Dress

This dress will take you effortlessly through the summer. You can wear it to many brunches and lunches. It will work on summery strolls in town, on picnics and barbecues.

Style yours with sleek accessories and you can even wear your maxi dress to work (given that your office is open).

2. Broderie Anglaise

This breezy classic cotton lace fabric is my all time favorite summer material. Some people call it eyelet just in case you are wondering if they are the same thing.

Nowadays you can find broderie anglaise in all the colors of the rainbow but white remains my favorite. It’s so pretty, girly and a bit nostalgic. Summer just doesn’t feel like summer without it!

3. Simple Navy Sundress

This sporty summer staple goes a long way in your wardrobe. A summer frock doesn’t get much more practical than this.

You can style yours up for a nice lunch or a night out in a flash. The darker colors are not as delicate as the lighter ones and therefore they don’t require as much maintenance.

4. Large sunhat

Keep your head cool and protect your most valuable asset: Your brains. A hat protects your eyes, skin and hair from the burning sun. It saves you from bad hair days and it adds a glamorous edge to your outfit.

5. Embellished Sandals

Every outfit will look instantly more polished with a nice embellished sandal. I can’t resist them and usually have to stop myself from buying more.

After all, there’s only so many sandal days in the year. But what can you do? They are just so gorgeous!

6. Sunglasses With An Attitude

Sunglasses are my favorite summer accessory. I like to pop mine on and skip the make up. Actually, I need to wear sunglasses because my eyes are quite sensitive to bright sunlight.

Also, I love all that glam that comes with a pair of great sunnies!

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Wishing you lovely long lazy summer days!

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This post was originally published on 25th July 2018 and updated with new photos, links and improved style advice on 2nd August 2020.

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30 thoughts on “My Summer Essentials

  1. Alexandra S says:

    Maxi dresses and large sunhats are absolutely stunning! I don’t know why but I don’t like how I look with them, lol. However, I love seeing them on other girls. <3

    Sunglasses are a must for the summer. They look so stylish and they are really necessary.

  2. I on Image says:

    Thank you for sharing Quinn! Midi is a really good length for me too and for many easier to wear than a full length maxi. Halter necks are so lovely but indeed not so easy to find. Maybe vintage stores have a better selection than high street? Enjoy your summer xxx

  3. Quinn says:

    I still haven’t found the maxi dress for me, but I do love a midi length. That’s definitely a summer staple for me! But I absolutely agree with you over Broderie Anglaise, it’s so pretty and l love it in a blouse or a dress. My favourite for summer is a halter neck cut, but they’re becoming very hard to find nowadays!

    Quinn x

  4. Roni says:

    I love your summer essentials – many of mine are the same! My top summer essentials is a versatile pair of shorts that I can wear with pretty much any tshirt or crop top!!

    Roni |

  5. Boss Babe Chronicles says:

    Such nice pieces! I love embellished sandals too, so comfy and cute!

  6. I on Image says:

    Thank you Lauren! I love your summer essentials. Protecting your skin from sun is so important. Nobody likes a nasty sunburn. Hopefully people will observe social distancing on the beaches this summer all over the world. Enjoy your upcoming holidays in style xxx

  7. I on Image says:

    You are welcome Amber! You should give maxi dresses a chance as they are fantastic! An easy way to get used to the length is to try first now very popular midi dresses and then go gradually longer. A maxi dress in a thinner fabric or with a long side slit might help you get used to the volume of fabric too. Hope this helps xxx

  8. I on Image says:

    Thank you Lisa! I love maxi length so much but midi will do too. It’s easier to match shoes to a midi but maxi is so forgiving indeed xxx

  9. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I think I have most of your summer essentials, Jenni, except for a maxi dress. I have a couple of maxi skirts though, and they are THE most forgiving items in my wardrobe, haha. Great tips, love all of these suggestions! Lisa x

  10. Didi says:

    I love everything,everything looks very nice on you. But these red sunglasses???? oooo man that’s something I have to have????

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