Fun & Fabulous Summer Fashion Bingo

Summer Fashion Bingo - Style Game by I on Image
Summer Fashion Bingo – Style Game by I on Image

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Fun & Fabulous Summer Fashion Bingo

Play I on Image’s Summer Fashion Bingo and decide what NOT to wear this, or any other, summer.

Summer fashion has never been my favorite seasonal shopping. I live in The Netherlands where the climate is fairly chilly and wet most of the year, and let’s not even start about my home country, Finland.

Buying all those cute summer things that you’ll use just a few weeks of the year feels like a waste of money, and frankly the majority of it has not been designed for a professional woman.

Most of us will still keep on working throughout the summer and would love to look a lot more polished than what the offering in shops really is.

Summer Fashion Bingo will help you make style decisions in a fun way!

Rules of Summer Fashion Bingo

  • You get a point for every fashion experience that left you disappointed
  • You may decide your own reward system in Summer Fashion Bingo
  • Always play in really good company who gets you
  • Share the joy of your game by tagging #ionimage

Disclaimer: I have intentionally left beach wear and occasion wear out of this game and concentrated on summer work wear instead.

Here’s to a very stylish summer!

Summer Fashion Bingo - Fun Style Game by I on Image
Summer Fashion Bingo – Style Game by I on Image

1. Cringed at the thought of a crop top

This should really be a no-brainer for designers. Few are the women who wish to reveal their midriff in public, even if you have been training like Madonna for the whole winter.

Skip these racks completely, I know there’s so many, and opt for something in a normal length instead.

2. Got nasty blisters from strappy sandals

The most painful sign of summer is a blistery foot that just keeps on re-blistering. I advice skipping too strappy styles completely and choosing a sophisticated slide or mule instead.

These might still blister the sides of your feet so choose a very soft leather or fabric. Read also Vogue’s tips on how to avoid blisters.

3. Hated a backless dress so much

Dear highstreet, where’s the back of my dress? Already last summer I noticed a worrying trend of dresses that look business appropriate from the front but have a little surprise in the back: They have no back.

I really don’t know why someone would insist on designing such a monstrosity thinking that someone would actually wear it to work. Unless you find a super chic matching jacket, stay away.

4. Spilled sauce on white clothes

I did this only last week on 3 different items. Love white clothes but live too large to handle the maintenance so for me it’s a pass.

Or I buy them cheap and mentally prepare myself to the fact that they might have a very short lifespan in my closet. Surprisingly some of my beloved broderie anglaise has survived all these summers.

5. Unfollowed accounts with weight loss advice

Goes without saying that we don’t need this kind of negativity and judgement in our otherwise amazing summers.

Here at I on Image we dress for our shape and end up looking amazing, regardless of our weight or age.

6. Got sunscreen stains on a new dress

Here’s the thing: No matter how much you hate sunscreen you will still have to protect yourself from burning in the sun. I like to stay in the shade and wear a large sunhat, but there are some great no-stain sunscreen formulas available.

My favorites are Eucerin transparent dry touch spray and Colorescience brush-on sunscreen, both in SPF 50 of course.

Learn more about Colorescience’s amazing sun products or shop the feed

7. Wondered who buys all the “cute” floral crap

The short answer is: I don’t know. While ditsy prints, whimsical florals and all kind of frilly cuteness in candy colours look great on Instagram they have very little room in the real world.

Opt for statement florals or darker florals that look more adult. Read more styling tips in I on Image’s Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trend Report.

8. Prayed for sleeves and pockets

Since The Pool went belly up in March 2019, fashion lovers around the world have been left to their own devices to find office appropriate business attire that has sleeves and pockets.

Alyson Walsh of That’s Not My Age is doing a great job filling the faff-free fashion void in our hearts and is definitely worth the follow.

9. Wore something see-through by accident

It should really go without saying that if you are selling clothes for real people with real jobs you should not try to offer them see-through items.

Dear retailers, nobody wants them and nobody works in an office where transparent clothes are considered appropriate. And no, we don’t want to buy special underwear that allows us to wear the stuff. Just use a thicker fabric or line them properly, thank you very much.

Enjoy your summer style the way you want it!

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This post was originally published on 6th June 2019 and updated on 2nd August 2020 with new links and photos.

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