Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trend Report

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trend Report written by your Personal Stylist I on Image
SS2020 Fashion Trend Report

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trend Report

Welcome to Spring – Summer 2020 Fashion Trend Report curated by your Personal Stylist Jenni at I on Image.

This is my third Fashion Trend Report. When I drafted this article in the end of February I had no idea in what circumstances I will be publishing it.

The entire world has changed in the past weeks but despite the situation I have still decided to publish my work. This one goes to all fashion lovers stuck at home. Better times will come. And in the meantime we can always dream a little.

This is an inclusive fashion piece that promotes body positivity and encourages to shop your own closet. There are no affiliate links in this post.

If you are planning to buy new items, please consider supporting your local shops or fashion bloggers whose income largely depends on affiliate links. Fellow-blogger, feel free to drop a shameless plug in comments.

We are in this together!

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

In this fashion trend report I am listing 7 key trends that stole my fashion hungry heart this season. Typically my focus would be of office wear and tips on how to translate trends into business appropriate looks.

But considering the amount of people working from home for the unseeable future, I have shifted the focus of this article into appreciation of beautiful things, and the joy they bring to us.

On popular demand I will be also mentioning 3 trends that I am going to avoid. Although I do still think that if you love the look, go for it. Life’s precious and suddenly we are all painfully aware of that.

I hope this frivolous piece will brighten up your day and encourage you to explore your style. We can’t do the things we had planned but we can still love clothes and put new looks together just for fun.

Following fash from your couch has never been this easy!

SS20 Best Fashion Trends

  1. Daytime Metallics
  2. 80’s Denim
  3. Power Dressing
  4. Pearls
  5. Polka Dots
  6. Trench Coats
  7. Lace

Learn more about each trend and I why I recommend them below. I have also included beautiful mood board images that you can save on Pinterest for your style inspiration. So keep on reading!

All photos Unsplash and created with Canva

7 x Spring – Summer 2020 Fashion Trends That I Love

1. Daytime Metallics

It’s the season for serious XL-glam and general maximalism. You can pull this off any age and any size, I promise. There are volumes of shiny pleats, ruffles and tiered styles available for you to choose from.

Tame your high octane look with soft knitwear, durable denim or practical cotton. Keep your make up simple and your shoes comfy -or go all in. The choice is entirely up to you!

This look is not for wallflowers but it’s now also less severe than it’s ever been before. Modern metallic fabrics are flowy and feminine, and they ooze luxury and opulence.

I have always loved a shiny piece and this season is not exception. Perhaps, I will now wear my sparkly looks even bolder than before.

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Daytime Metallics
SS20 Fashion Trends 1/7 – Daytime Metallics – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

2. 80’s Denim

All things 80’s are huge denim news right now. Ribcage-high mom jeans, distressed & bleached styles are all here so we can dwell all spring and summer long in nostalgia.

I really like the looser fit jean and denim fabric without stretch. There is something wonderfully care-free and all-American about these looks.

You see these styles combined with pastels and lace (see also chapter 7 of this trend report). But I love to combine mine with classic accents, such as buttery caramel tones and pristine whites.

Don’t forget to add bold costume jewelry on your 80’s inspired denim. My favorite choice is of course pearls, as you will soon learn in chapter 4.

SS20 Fashion Trends: 80's Denim
SS20 Fashion Trends 2/7 – 80’s Denim – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

3. Power Dressing

Like all things 80’s, Power Dressing is back big time. In SS20 we dress up in strong looks that give us strength, confidence and purpose.

The modern interpretation of power dressing is about being the best version of yourself without sacrificing comfort or individuality.

Embracing your feminine power has finally become acceptable. Fashion industry has fast responded to this mindset. We have been given stylish suits, sleek jumpsuits and feminine power-dresses to wear and to be seen in.

The best power dressing styles come in bold jewel tones or in statement top-to-toe white. Contemporary checks and classic boardroom colors black, navy and charcoal are having a moment too.

Think what Brianna from Grace and Frankie would wear, and you have captured the style essence of a strong modern business woman.

SS20 Fashion Trends: Power Dressing
SS20 Fashion Trends 3/7 – Power Dressing – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

4. Pearls

This season there are beautiful pearls everywhere. There is something so serene about the simple elegance of a string of pearls wrapped around the neck. But now your can see them on earrings, brooches and hair clips too.

I got a classic freshwater pearl necklace from my mom when I was 17. It has stood the test of time and it still looks amazing in 2020. I take it our regularly when my look needs a chic feminine touch.

The pearls you see on the high-street right now are often synthetic and therefore suitable for a vegan lifestyle. That makes them also more affordable than natural (very rare and very expensive) or cultured pearls.

Pearls symbolize integrity and generosity, both qualities that are now needed more than ever. So pile them fashionably on and radiate soft feminine energy around you.

SS20 Fashion Trends: Pearls
SS20 Fashion Trends 4/7 – Pearls – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

5. Polka Dots

Could this just be the happiest print of all times? Very likely. We saw the triumphant return of polka dots already last summer and this year they continue strong.

Happy print obviously does not care what other people think. You can wear yours in any color combination imaginable. Top it all up with a statement neckline (bardot, sweetheart, ruffled…), tiers of flouncy fabric and, you guessed it, more ruffles.

I love everything fun cartoon-inspired styles with larger polka-dots but also very much classic 40’s inspired looks in navy, red or black. Add a red lip and enjoy life to the full!

SS20 Fashion Trends:  Polka Dots
SS20 Fashion Trends 5/7 – Polka Dots – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

6. Trench Coats

Last month I was reading my blogger-friend Teresa’s Outlandish Blog about current trends that actually never went away. She is listing a lot of items that are always in fashion, and making a solid point that this season we actually don’t need anything new.

Trench coats are a good example of this. Can something so classic even be considered trendy? Or should it just be left as it is: A wonderfully chic piece that you will enjoy for years to come.

Either way, I already have one and I love it so much. I can’t think of a better spring item to own. As soon as it’s warm enough, this versatile piece comes out to play. I update it each new season with scarves, jewelry and shoes.

Trench coats look great on everyone. They have no age or size. You can find one in any color imaginable but I’ll have mine in wonderfully Bourgeois Chic beige.

SS20 Fashion Trends:  Trench Coats
SS20 Fashion Trends 6/7 – Trench Coats – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

7. Lace

The most delicate and feminine fabric of all time is back big time. Chantilly, Broderie Anglaise, Venetian… I love all these styles of lace!

These beautiful fabrics are now layered, tiered, puffed and ruffled all over the catwalks and fashion magazines. Like on denim, there’s a strong 80’s vibe going on in the current lace pieces.

Despite it being a see-through fabric, lace can also be surprisingly modest. You can wear a simple vest top under a lace blouse without looking too exposed. I love the high necklines and big volumes.

Lace comes this season in many juicy colors but I love the pristine white lace looks the most. Wear yours with sharp tailoring or aforementioned denim. Lighten up the look later in the season with soft linens, cottons and silks.

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends:  Lace
SS20 Fashion Trends 7/7 – Lace – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

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3 x SS20 Fashion Trends That I Will Avoid

1. Hot Pants

Haven’t we covered (pun intended) this already? Hot pants look cute on Instagram but try pulling this one off yourself gracefully.

Ask yourself: Has anyone ever worn hot pants to work with success? The answer will help you to decide if this little persisting fashion number is for you or not.

Despite me skipping this incredibly tacky trend, I was still impressed to read the history of short shorts by CR Fashion Book.

2. Waist Coats

No. This look does absolutely nothing for me, my shape nor my mood. Luckily it looks like a trend that will go away as quickly as in entered the scene.

If this trend made your heart beat faster (despite my warnings) then seek for inspiration in this Elle article that is helping you to nail the waistcoat trend.

3. Bras As Tops

Just showing up in what looks like your underwear is not acceptable. It’s nice to be sexy but if you want to be chic you need to dress up.

You still can use bra tops to liven up your chunky knitwear or wear them under see-through items. Just don’t wear them to work-related events.

Another fashion dilemma: How do you wear a real bra under a fashionable non-bra that still looks like a bra?

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Sharing Is Caring

Share this Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trend Report with a fashionista you’re missing right now. Or save your favorite fashion trends on Pinterest for later.

I would love to see you find your own signature style as a result of playing around and having fun with different looks.

Staying home is a great opportunity to dress like nobody’s watching. Live a little and enjoy the latest spring summer 2020 fashion trends!

27 thoughts on “Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trend Report

  1. I on Image says:

    😀 Here to entertain also!

    Lace, pearls and denim are amazing and I am convinced that you are rocking them in style -even in lockdown. Hope it’s over soon indeed xxx

  2. madidearson says:

    Your trends to avoid made me laugh out loud:) I as per usual agree with all of it:) Some of my favorite styles are on this list so this makes my heart happy. LOVEEEE lace pearls and relaxed denim. SO now we just need a chance to actually dress up (or shop for the new trends) and it would be perfect.

  3. The Phat Girl Blog says:

    I’m obsessed with polka dots, I also sometimes enjoy lace. I have yet to find a trenchcoat I like but I’m looking. It’s a definite no to the hot pants, metallics and 80s style. Bras as tops is also a pass. Lol

  4. I on Image says:

    I knew it Bexa! I am sure that polka dots will look amazing on you. They also match your personal brand that is all about happy energy. Enjoy xxx

  5. I on Image says:

    That’s a funny coincidence indeed Teresa! Many designers like to dwell in nostalgia and like to bring back things from the archives. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… Vintage denim is all that right now, enjoy those 80’s treasures. They are sustainable for sure and I am looking to see more of those gems in your blog xxx

  6. I on Image says:

    Thank you so much Quinn! Great to connect with you here too. How lovely that you have found your signature style elements and find joy wearing them from season to another. Keep up the good work looking stylish and loving fashion xxx

  7. Bexa says:

    I love polka dots! I have quite a few tops and dresses in this style and always love wearing them. Those lace tops and dresses are super pretty too and perfect for the Spring/Summer. Haha, hot pants are a definite no from me too and I never knew waist coats were a trend, yikes! Thanks for sharing Jenni, have a lovely week! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  8. glowsteady says:

    I love pearls and lace, and trench coats! So I’ll definitely be wearing those trends this spring. I can safely say that the ones you’re avoiding get a firm no from me too. I really like waistcoats on some people but don’t find them at all flattering on me. Thanks for sharing! x


  9. ✨Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog✨ (@TeresamariaThe) says:

    Haha, your list of no-gos is exactly as mine was when I saw the trends for this year. Why would any fashion house even suggest such? Goes beyond me. But denim is something I’ve found a whole new love for: it’s so unsustainable that I try to survive without buying new jeans, and so far it’s been easy, because my mum has all these treasures from the 80’s! I’ve already rescued her denim jacket and made a great pair of shorts our of her old mum-jeans. I wonder what I’ll discover next! xxx

  10. Quinn of the Nerds says:

    Oh my goodness hun, I loved your blog! My perfect blog to read with a cup of tea, if it’s about fashion I am there basically. I’m so glad on your ‘yes list’ for SS20 you had polka dots, pearls and trench coats- these are three things that entered my wardrobe a long time ago and just never left!! Not to sound like Maria Von Trapp but “these are a few of my favourite things!” 🙂

    Can’t wait to read the next one!

    Quinn x

  11. travelforawhile says:

    The polka dots made my day, that’s trully a happy print. I’m going to the closet to bring to light my polka dots skirt, even if I can’t go out for now 🙂

  12. Lisa's Notebook says:

    Oh, this was a much needed dose of cheer and inspiration on a Friday, Jenni. It’s a huge YESSSS from me to daytime metallics and also pearls, which light up your face. I’m with you on saying a firm NO to hotpants and waistcoats though, and also 80’s denim, #sorrynotsorry, haha! A really lovely post, thank you for sharing 🙂 xx

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