How To Improve Your Personal Image From Home

Improve your personal image and style from home with image consultant & personal stylist Jenni of I on Image
Improve your personal image from home with image consultant Jenni at I on Image

How To Improve Your Personal Image From Home

This post will help you to improve your personal image and style from the comfort of your own home. Profit from easy and affordable image consulting tips + FREE online resources.

Are you too stuck at home? I am and so is everyone else who I know, pretty much from March 2020. Even the people who still have to show up have all their personal events and gatherings canceled.

If binging on Netflix and comfort eating is starting to slowly bore you, then you could work on some self-development to keep busy.

In this blog post I have collected ideas to make the best use of your time at home. You can always work on your image and personal brand while waiting for better times.

They will come, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. I am always here rooting for you and helping you to succeed!

5 Ways To Improve Your Personal Image Without Leaving The House

1. Work On Your Communication Skills

Now that so many people are working remotely, good communication skills are more crucial than ever before. You want to communicate efficiently and to remain as authentic as possible.

Everyone is juggling a lot of things at the same time (hello, homeschoolers and parents of toddlers) so it’s in everyone’s best interest to get the job done as agile as possible.

This is the time to stand tall and deliver. Those who are working their way towards leadership positions have now the perfect opportunity to show what they are made of.

Everyone has a lot to learn about this new situation and we need to show a lot of compassion to one another. Good communication skills go a long way.

Improve your personal image and style from home with image consultant & personal stylist Jenni of I on Image
Improve your personal image from home – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

2. Polish Your Appearance

Several studies have shown that your personal style is a huge part of your image. And your image has a big impact on your success in life.

Consider your style your visual resume. Don’t underestimate the power of your personal style and start investing in it now. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying a lot of expensive clothes.

Money doesn’t bring you style or authenticity. Legendary Coco Chanel was dirt-poor but still grew to be the biggest authority in what we consider stylish to this day.

So with very little investment you too can look amazing and express yourself with your style. Main thing is to remain authentic and stop chasing trends -unless it has your name on it!

Start with the items you already own and plan your purchases carefully. See also point 5 for more stylish ideas to do from home.

3. Work On Your Online Presence

Your online presence plays a key role during this crisis. We are working more and more online. Despite the advice to stay home our social life and networking is still going strong. It has just moved online.

During these difficult times it’s comforting to come together as a community and to stay connected. What you do online tells a lot about you as a person.

People will notice what you do. They will remember who showed up and how. Being silent is also an option -and a really good one. But it doesn’t demonstrate leadership or show that you are a team player.

Work on your personal image and style from home with image consultant & personal stylist Jenni of I on Image
Work on your personal image and style from home – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

4. Learn To Make A Great First Impression

We won’t be meeting many new people right now but people will still form a first impression of you online. Nowadays most first impressions are already made on social media. The pandemic is ensuring that your social interactions online will give a first impression of you to more people than before. So make sure it’s a pleasant one!

Now it’s an ideal time to practice for future face-to-face situations with my gentle guidance. You can also think what kind of first impression you are giving online right now. It’s never too late to start.

The snap-judgements about us in real life are made in just 7 seconds. Online this time is even shorter. Use this information for your advantage and scrutinize your behavior and you social media profiles according to point 3. instructions.

Follow I on Image’s guide on how to make a great first impression and take a head start to the new better you.

5. Shop Your Closet

Now it’s not the time to hang out in shops because we have been asked to practice social distancing. Also many shops have closed in order to protect their staff.

But what if you still crave for a spring style update? Your wardrobe is probably the safest place full of treasures just waiting to be rediscovered. Why not shop in there?

New season is the best excuse to update your style. A tidy and well organizer wardrobe will give you joy. The process will help you to take your mind off gloomy news for a while.

Follow I on Image’s simple wardrobe editing guide and make the most of the items you already have. Have fun with new outfit combinations and don’t be afraid to give up items that you are no longer using.

With these 3 steps your closet detox will be a breeze:

  1. Plan – Learn to plan the perfect wardrobe
  2. Prepare – Learn to prepare your closet for the new season
  3. Store – Learn to store your clothes right

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Hope you found this summary post helpful! Share your best FREE online image, style and personal branding resources in blog comments and help others elevate their personal image during these crazy times.

Read also my 5 point quarantine checklist that helps you to stay sane during these turbulent times. Say no to productivity, be lazy, take shortcuts, practice self-care and -above all- stay SAFE & healthy!

Share this post with a friend or a colleague who could use a boost of self-confidence and sense of purpose right now.

This post was originally published on 23rd March 2020 and updated on 1st March 2022.

53 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Personal Image From Home

  1. Mikaela says:

    Loved all these points!! Definitely a helpful read thank you!! I’m really trying to follow and do my best to keep a routine!!

  2. I on Image says:

    Great to have you here Madi! Nice to hear that you have found the joy to shop your own closet. The key look for this period is indeed comfy. I also love to make mine stylish, just like you xx

  3. madidearson says:

    Great tips as always Jenni:) I have been shopping my closet A LOT lately, with the changing season and the staying home and having to find the balance between comfort and stylish… I completely agree with you on the online presence part, it feels like it matters more than ever.

  4. I on Image says:

    Absolutely agree! We are spending so much time online now that it’s important to stay professional and most of all kind. Being kind makes always a good first impression!

  5. Unwanted Life says:

    I wasn’t expecting this post to contain half the stuff it did, which was an interesting surprise. People really do need to stop being toxic trolls online, that’s for sure

  6. Nancy says:

    I love that we can take advantage of the situation and try to improve ourselves. Big plus that thanks to technology, we can have the resources available easily. Thanks for sharing all of these exciting tips! I’ll pick up a couple to work on myself :).

    Nancy ♥

  7. I on Image says:

    Thank you for your nice feedback Marie!
    Indeed these are challenging times on so many levels. People are anxious, and the line between business and private has blurred a lot. This makes it easier to talk about private things in a professional setting. To a certain extent it’s ok, we all need to vent from time to time. But when it becomes a habit and the center of your communication, people will forget why they started to follow your blog/social media in the first place. There’s only so much you can move away from your personal brand before it becomes unclear to people what you are all about. Stay tuned for more. I always love to hear your professional insights!

  8. MarieSkelton says:

    Great post and some great advice. In particular, I liked the tips about what to do and not do. I feel there are a lot of anxious people (and bloggers) out there who are only making people feel more worried. It’s worth remembering that you can/should vent to close friends, but not every person you’ve ever met. They don’t need your worries too! The tone of your blog is positive and refreshing! Thanks

  9. Life Travel Soul says:

    ” Express yourself with your style. ” I couldn’t agree more.

    I’m also doing a lot of things to grow and develop myself. Thanks for the tips! ❤️

  10. rameyspeaks says:

    I realized that I have implemented most of these while being in isolation, and I have to say it really has put me in a better mood. Thanks for sharing!

  11. nortoncharity says:

    These are all such great tips! Especially for right now since we are all stuck at home! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Lisamarie says:

    I absolutely loved this! There is a lot of information on how to really represent yourself well and it’s much needed especially having an online presence, appearance is even more important because it’s not like meeting someone face to face or being able to read body language or easy to find out intentions. Love this insightful post so much I subscribed!

  13. Al says:

    There are some great tips here! I’m really trying to increase my online presence right now and boost my blog so this was great!

    Al x

  14. Dewanna says:

    I love this! It has inspired me to develop a few personal image goals. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  15. I on Image says:

    I would clear it out now if you have the time and the energy. Pack the excess away and wait for better times to sell. I am predicting that more people will want second-hand items when the recession really starts so if you can hold on to them for a while, do so. I don’t think there’s a soul right now who wants a pre-loved item so selling now is pointless. Also all vintage sales events have been canceled and many second hand shops have been closed due to Covid so you would have to sell individual items online which takes more time and energy. Wait patiently girl! Better times are coming!

  16. glowsteady says:

    Great tips! I’ve been thinking about the issues regarding buying/ selling clothes right now over the last few days. Such a weird time for even the simple things. I’m planning a big wardrobe clear out but I don’t know whether to wait until I can do something with my clothes x


  17. Jenni Hamm says:

    I love this post. I have actually been doing some of these and it makes me feel great. It’s like finding yourself again in a way.

  18. I on Image says:

    Thank Lisa! Writing that advice pained me because I have been quite actively advising people to go more sustainable with their style choices. Now we just can’t risk it. It’s not worth anyone’s health xxx

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