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I just want you to be you. Here at I on Image we are having none of the negativity surrounding female bodies. Yes, if you ask me how to camouflage of how to contour certain body areas, I will gladly help you to do so. After all, knowing and sharing all those insider tricks is my business. But I will not tell you to lose weight or to start exercising a certain body part because the society tells you to do so.

I am particularly protective of women recovering from birth, illness, major life events (such as moving or starting a new job) or trauma of any sort. Sometimes it might be an idea to wait a bit before jumping too fast into conclusions as your body evolves just like everything else in this world. The body shape theory will still be there after you have gathered your strength so first things first.

Here on I on Image’s blog and on social media we celebrate, respect and appreciate each body regardless of it’s shape and allow everyone to set their own limits and standards -or give them up altogether. It’s up to you as the sole owner of that body.


Why people hate body shape guides

Dressing for your shape, and especially the process of discovering your body shape, can feel frustrating, restricting and judgemental. A lot of the advice given, even by professionals, concentrate mainly on hiding flaws which I find so depressing and unnecessary.

Yes, I know I am not perfect but must we talk about it all the time? I just want to be me.

There has been strong cases against the  body shape theories and a call for more freedom and diversity. My favorite piece is written by New York image consultant Sylvie Di Giusto who finds them irrelevant and unhelpful. Instead she focuses on confidence and the situation you are in. She does have a point in there!

I also wear loads of items that I am “not supposed to wear” simply because I like them and I have the confidence to pull off items that others may not have. I encourage my clients to do the same because what better way to express yourself than your style.

However the questions about body shapes pop up in almost every conversation that I have with my clients so I have decided to still include the advice for now. Perhaps one day this category of posts is no longer relevant and I will adapt new ways to help my clients to look their best. Until then I will work with body shapes, but always with an open and inclusive mindset.



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How to determine your body shape

  1. Observe yourself in the mirror in privacy in a very intuitive way. If you look at the outlines of your body what kind of shape comes to your mind? Is your top heavier than your bottom? Or the other way around? Think what shape of clothes would flatter your figure the most. Perhaps you already know which shape of clothes make you feel happy, empowered and beautiful. Go with your instinct. I have noticed that most people have a very good intuition about their style. Putting your intuition, experience and observations make you aware and intentional about your style.
  2. Observe yourself in a mirror and take a Body Shape Quizz by Styled 24/7
  3. Calculate it. There are several body shape calculators out there that will help you determine your shape. First measure yourself in front of the mirror to ensure that your tape measure sits straight and is not twisted. Then enter your values into the calculator and let it tell you your shape. I like to use Body Shape Calculator by Good Calculators
  4. Use Oprah’s fashion expert Bradley Bayou’s method that, unlike many other methods, measures also your shoulders. This method is a more in-depth approach to your body  shape and some might find it a bit intense, but with a little patience you will gain clarity of your real body shape.

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Disclaimer: You might find that your shape is actually a combination of two or more shapes. Or that your shape tends to change when you gain or loose weight. That is all perfectly normal and you shouldn’t be too keen to put yourself in a narrow box too fast.


I on Image’s Body Shape Guides

For the sake of practicality I am still relying on the popular body shape theories because I find the main guidelines of it solid and consistent. I wanted to share my professional knowledge and experience with you and put together some tried and tested style advice in I on Image’s 4-episode BODY SHAPE GUIDE for the four most common body shapes: Apple, Pear, Rectangle and Hourglass. You can access them here:


a personal stylist can help you discover your shape

If the task is too daunting to complete on your own or you would love a professional opinion on your style, remember that I am here for you. With my gentle, 100% female friendly and non-judgemental guidance you will learn to appreciate what is amazing about you and how you can flaunt it -or keep it just for yourself. It’s up to you because it’s your body after all.

I believe that every body is beautiful!

My image consulting services will help you to:

  1. Discover your own unique beautiful body shape
  2. Find out what suits your shape
  3. Dress your shape
  4. Shop your shape
  5. Look amazing every single day


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Remember to love your body a little every day. Dressing nicely is an important way of self-care and will do miracles to your self-image.

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  1. I on Image says:

    Happy to hear you found this post helpful Katt! I am here to tell everyone that there are no wrong bodies, just wrong shape clothes. You are perfect just the way you are xx

  2. Katt Rodrigues says:

    I love your attitudes towards bodyshape, sometimes It can be really hard to buy things just so that it suits your shape because you can feel limited, however in the long run I find I always feel better! x

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