Dress Your Shape: APPLE

Dress Your Body Shape APPLE
Dress Your Body Shape APPLE with Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Jenni @ I on Image

Dress Your Shape: Apple

Learn to dress your beautiful apple body shape with image consultant Jenni at I on Image. Get personal style advice for YOUR shape and start looking your best every day.

Find out what suits your shape and learn how to look amazing every single day. Say goodbye to wrong clothes and start wearing what suits YOU.

Do you have one or more of the following body features?

  • Large bust vs. narrow hips ratio
  • Round silhouette, but this has nothing to do with your weight
  • Fuller midsection
  • Great legs

-> YES THAT’S ME, keep on reading further for style advice

Apple Power Features

  • Beautiful breasts – Flaunt your curves in an elegant way
  • Legs – Don’t be shy to show them!
  • Smile – This is undeniably your most attractive asset

Accentuate these body features by dressing right. Style tips for dressing your apple body shape will follow in the next chapter. Remember that your smile is always your best accessory!

Best Styles For APPLE

  • Wrapped styles. I love chic wrap dresses and feminine draped blouses on apple body shape so much. Their cut creates a beautiful curve and helps you look your best without even trying.
  • Top styles that flare at the hips. Think super flattering peplum tops, fit and flare styles and A-line cuts. These styles camouflage gently your tummy area and give an optical illusion of a waistline.
  • Deep necklines. High necklines will drown your beautiful shape. Opt for square, V, U or sweetheart neckline instead. They are great for accentuating your curves and minimizing your strong midsection.
  • Straight or wide trousers and jeans. These classic trouser styles will balance out your full top body part and elegantly contour your midsection.
  • A-line, pleated or full skirts. These styles are ideal for creating feminine volume and an optical illusion of a waistline. If you decide to go for a fitted pencil skirt, then make sure to choose a structured material.

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Remember that these are just very rough guidelines and majority of people fall in multiple categories.

You might notice that your shape is actually a combination of two or more shapes. Your shape might also change when you gain or lose weight. That is all perfectly normal and you shouldn’t put yourself in a narrow box too fast.

You are also allowed to be a style rebel and wear what ever you want. I am here to give you ideas to get MORE out of your style, not to narrow your options down. Have fun with your style and love fashion like I do!

This article appeared originally in I on Image’s blog on 13th June 2018 and was edited on 15th February 2023.

I believe that every body is beautiful!

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