Spring Wardrobe To-Do List

spring wardrobe to-do list is compiled by your wardrobe consultant Jenni at I on Image.
Spring Wardrobe To-Do List – Photo by Leslie Leon on Unsplash

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Spring Wardrobe To-Do List

This spring wardrobe to-do list is compiled by your wardrobe consultant Jenni at I on Image. Tidy away your winter looks and welcome the new season in style!

✅ Pack away your winter items such as big coats, tall boots, wool scarves and hats. They just take up unnecessary space in your tidy closet. Utilize vacuum bags, storage containers, suit bags and shoe boxes to get everything stored away nice and neat.

✅ Before packing anything away, make sure that everything is clean, brushed and buffed. Take coats, sweaters and dresses to the dry cleaners or give them a gentle steam treatment at home. Clean and polish all your winter shoes before wrapping them in their boxes for the summer.

It’s nice to get your beautiful items out again in the fall when they are all ready to go + your storage stays fresh. It’s a win-win!

✅ Start thinking about your spring style essentials: What do you already have and what could compliment that? Should you get rid of something that no longer works? Utilize my handy wardrobe editing guides for the best results:

✅ Make a realistic budget and a wishlist that you update regularly. Keep in mind that you don’t need everything immediately. Your spring priority purchases are: Coat, shoes and bag. They are the foundation of your spring look and tend to be pricey. Don’t jump hastily into these purchases. Do your research and go for the best quality you can afford.

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So now you have tackled your spring wardrobe To-Do list. Bye-bye gorgeous winter looks, see you in November again!

Good to know: If it all gets too much, or you’d just love a second opinion, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. My popular wardrobe edits have helped many to achieve the closet of their dreams.

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  1. Sam says:

    Spring is such an exciting time of year , when you get to shed the heavy clothing. I like your ideas on how to store the pieces that take up bigger space in our closets. Thank you 💙

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