How To Style A Printed Shirt?

How To Style A Printed Shirt? Personal Style Ideas
Learn to style 1 printed shirt in 6 different ways – Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

How To Style A Printed Shirt?

Learn new ways to style a printed shirt with your favorite virtual personal stylist. I took 1 printed shirt and styled it 6 different ways. My aim was to show you how versatile one single item can be with a little bit of creativity. This way you’ll get more out of your existing closet.

Typically I would advice you to consider that a new item should go with at least 3 different items in your closet. But if we really want to get everything out of one single shirt we could easily pair it with way more items.

Enjoy my fashion report and take some notes in your own style book! All looks can be saved on Pinterest for later by simply clicking the look that you like.

1 Shirt = 6 Looks

1. With Mom Jeans – This the easiest way to give the stage to the trendy chain print blouse. Just add an amazing pair of mom jeans in a basic denim blue and glam it up with a gold loafer. My oversized pearl earrings are a nod to the 90’s feel of the blouse print.

Wearing a printed shirt wit mom jeans

2. With Leopard Skirt – Mixing prints is a masterclass in styling and many people find it daunting. Here I approached the mix by sticking to a chic color palette of different browns and beiges. You can do it too! Keep the shoe simple to avoid an overload of elements.

Wearing a printed shirt with a leopard skirt

3. With Printed Pants – In this look I have continued the baroque print theme from top tom toe. The prints clash but because they are the same theme they work nicely together. Head-to-toe prints can be a bit intense so use sparingly -or have an attitude to match the vibe!

Wearing a printed shirt with printed pants

4. With Denim Skirt – An A-line denim skirt is a more feminine alternative to wearing blue jeans. Mine is a button-down with strong 70’s feel to it. These styles work really well with classic accessories such as this braided leather belt and monogrammed pump with a clasp.

Wearing a printed shirt with a denim skirt

5. With Black Jeans – Finally some rock n’ roll to the peeps who are that way inclined! There is no cooler must-have item than black denim and, as you can see, it’s a great canvas for a busy print. I kept mine glamorous with pearls and metallic flats.

Wearing a chain blouse with black jeans

6. With Sequin Skirt – My last look is a decadent look with a lot going on. Baroque print blouse teamed multi-color sequins might not be your first fashion idea that comes to mind but I just love it. If you love a look go for it. Life is too short for boring clothes!

Wearing a chain blouse with a sequin skirt

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Now it’s your turn: Go and style your printed blouse in six different ways like I did. Or do 100% unique you. Wishing you a very stylish autumn!

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