Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Trends

Autumn Winter 2019 2020 Fashion Trends selected by Style Blogger & Personal Stylist
AW19 Fashion Trends

Autumn Winter 2019 – 2020 Fashion Trends

My second Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Trend Report is out. In this blog article I am listing 10 key trends that I will be wearing this season -and 3 trends that I am going to avoid. Following trends has never been this easy!

I know trends have a bad name nowadays and people prefer style over fashion. Big department stores are going down, everyone is accused of copying, scandals are your daily news and Fashion Weeks are about to be killed in the name of sustainability.

But I do get these questions a lot and the SS19 edition was incredibly popular, so it’s fair to say it’s still a relevant topic. We just need a different approach that remains inclusive and is free from abuse, pollution and cultural appropriation. Hope I have reached some of those targets in here.

Enjoy reading and please do share your feedback!

10 AW19-20 Fashion Trends That I Will Wear

Autumn Winter 2019 Fashion Trends: Bourgeois Chic
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1. Bourgeois Chic

This is probably my favorite trend of all times. WWD magazine explained the meaning of the term and the current meaning of it in fashion so very cleverly.

Flaring knee-length skirts, culottes, wool capes, blouses, boots and silk scarves — all the attributes of a well-to-do Rive Gauche “madam” — were among trendy items of the Paris season, with Hedi Slimane’s acclaimed second Celine show leaving critics gleefully hailing the grand return of “bourgeoise style”

Fleur Burlet for WWD

I personally love it for the way this trend, or should I say look, can stand the test of time. Rest assured that this style will look great for years and years to come.

For me this look is about saying no to fast fashion, paring down your style, giving up on the endless chase of trends. Good taste will always be in fashion.

PRO TIP: Rummage through your local vintage stores and look for really old 70’s-80’s Celine, then Céline. Other brands to look for: Bally, Chanel, Fendi, Hermès, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s.

Ruffles Galore
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2. Ruffles Galore

Ruffles are still everywhere and they are now more voluminous than ever. An easy way to start is to get a woolly jumper with ruffled front or playfully ruffled sleeves.

Pair it with a leather skirt (see point 9.) or beloved denim. This takes all cutesy out of the otherwise girly look.

You will still need to be the one bringing the attitude to complete this look. These ruffles may be plentiful but this season they are not delicate at all.

Wear your voluminous ruffles dresses with knee high boots or sneakers for an interesting contrast.

Heritage Checks and Plaids
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3. Heritage Checks and Plaids

These are the fabrics that you should be looking for right now:

  • Houndstooth aka pieddepoule
  • Prince of Wales check aka Glen plaid
  • Scottisch plaid aka tartan

This trend, like the aforementioned Bourgeois Chic, is definitely worth investing in. It’s a true classic style that keeps on coming back and will always look good.

PRO TIP: Look for vintage treasures from classic British brands: Barbour, Hackett, Purdey, Burberry and Pringle of Scotland.

50 Shades of Brown
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4. 50 Shades of Brown

From buttery caramel to rich espresso, all shades of brown are big news in fashion right now. Take style notes from all things delicious: coffee, chocolate, cognac, mustard, brownies, almonds, maple syrup, raisins…

… and that (vegan)latte that you are sipping while reading this Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Trends report!

Beige, tan and camel continue to have a moment in style since this summer. Often associated with classic style, being chic and having good taste, these are the signature shades of Bourgeois Chic (see point 1.).

Combine yours with gold jewelry, pearls, monogrammed scarves and look shamelessly elegant all winter long.

All That Glitters
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5. All That Glitters

Inject some great energy in your daytime look by adding a well-selected sparkly piece. Combine with aforementioned checks (see point 3.), or liven up your classic cotton dress shirts with a dash of sparkles.

Your trusted denim glams up in seconds when paired with something glittery.

The great news is that shimmer and shine is no longer reserved for evening wear. Now it’s ok to glam up your daytime looks with a little sparkle.

This trend saves you a trip home to change if you have an after work event and it will lighten up the darkest winter day. Consider also making your going-out style more sustainable.

AW19-20 Fashion Trends: Belts
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6. Belts

If you are investing in only one item this season, let it be a belt. This functional accessory was seen on several runway looks and tied around the waists of the most stylish people in the world.

Create a new shape by cinching a belt over your voluminous sweaters, ruffled dresses (see point 2.) or your checked suits (see point 3.)

Wear a stretchy belt if you feel bloated, if you are going to sit a lot that day or if you are planning to indulge in a big meal. The idea is still to be able to sit, eat and breathe with ease!

AW19-20 Fashion Trends: Capes
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7. Capes

A while back a lovely client of mine confessed to having a secret weakness to capes and I just knew her time would come.

I too have a weakness for all theatrical and slightly historical pieces, such as my leopard-print rain cape (practical) and my Sherlock Holmes-esque heritage-style wool plaid cape (chic).

If you love this style too, then this is your season! Capes are a good style investment as they tend to come back every few seasons.

Look for one with stylish leather piping or elegant gold buckles or opt for a knitted home spun styles. For evenings, go all-in with a rich velvet or lush faux-fur one.

Autumn Winter 2019 Fashion Trends: Bright Colours
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8. Bright Colours

When it comes to colour, go bright or go home. Incredibly bright colours have always been tricky to pull off, especially in a professional setting.

But then Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga rocked up with a collection so bright and powerful that some of us neutral addicts have still not quite recovered.

There is nothing cute or necessarily even flattering about this look. The idea is to sartorially scream, look loud and announce your presence.

So yes, all very intriguing and a clever reflection of the current cultural shift but also very scary. Imagine being in the spotlight ALL. THE. TIME.

Beautiful colours to wear right now:

  • Pistachio green
  • Orchid purple
  • Cornflower blue
  • Fuchsia
Autumn Winter 2019 Fashion Trends: (Vegan) Leather
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9. (Vegan) Leather Or Pleather

The leather trend is very popular this season. Combine yours with clashing textures such as: lush silk, delicate lace, crisp cotton, soft wool or opulent velvet.

This look is now available in both matte and shiny texture, that both create a unique look when combined right.

Animal prints remain huge this autumn and there are leather varieties in crocodile, snake or ostrich. Look for leathers with ecological tanning process or opt for vegan leather (aka pleather), that has never looked better.

Black is always a timeless choice but if it’s too severe for you then search for a shade of brown that flatters you (see point 4.).

Autumn Winter 2019 Fashion  Trends: Power Florals
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10. Power Florals

Put away your cute summer blooms and make space for deeper and darker winter florals. These flowers are strong, enigmatic and there to be seen.

The current prints are significantly larger than what we have seen in the past seasons and really to die for.

For the past seasons I have been having mixed feelings about flower prints but this autumn they have found a place in my heart again.

I like to think that aside of just being beautiful, they also represent individual growth and my penchant for little miracles of nature.

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3 Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Trends that I will avoid

1. Really Wide Trousers

Despite what the fashion magazines tell you, you will regret investing in this look. This trend is best reserved for those leggy folks who are committed to wear >10cm heels at all times.

There are some street style bloggers who have made a strong case for wearing theirs with sneakers but I am finding it difficult to incorporate in my own style.

2. Patchwork

This trend isn’t something that you would immediately associate with fashion. It reminds me of nostalgic blankets and homemade shabby chic sewing projects.

Who remembers patching up their jeans with Provence style cotton fabrics in the 90’s? I do, and that’s why I am giving it a pass in 2019.

3. Fleece

This material is for outdoor use only. Period. I know it’s all cool to look norm-core right now and go everywhere wearing ugly sneakers but I draw the line in fleece.

Besides, it’s also not a really ecological material. I rest my case, despite what Elle is telling me. It remains one of my least favorite autumn winter fashion trends of the season.

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This report is aimed for a grown-up professional woman who loves fashion but hasn’t quite had the time to make it their top 10 priority.

Here at I on Image I am wild and equally critical about trends and would like to see everyone find their own signature style as a result of playing around and having fun with different looks.

That way you can build a long-lasting style that tells your story and that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Which ones are your favorite looks this season? Did I miss something crucial? Tell me in comments! Check out also my other fashion trends reports.

Wishing you a very stylish AW19-20!

21 thoughts on “Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Trends

  1. I on Image says:

    Thank you Jenny! Lovely to hear that my post inspired you. I always try to wrote from a perspective that a lot of people don’t follow trends. My job is to make them so appealing that people are inspired to give themselves a fresh look, even if it’s by mixing items you already own in a new exciting way!

  2. Jenny in Neverland says:

    Great post! I’m not that into fashion trends – I tend to just wear what I want but it’s nice to see what’s in at the moment. The shades of brown and the sparkles are definitely up my street! x

  3. I on Image says:

    Thank you so much Cassie! Heritage checks are just fabulous. They will always come back. What if you wore a bright colored sweater or a blouse with checkered trousers or skirt? Then you can have two trends in one outfit 🙂

  4. Cassie Harris says:

    I love the heritage check and plaid! It’s also something I don’t have much of! I’m not really into ruffles anymore but I could definitely stand to add some bright colors to my wardrobe this winter.

  5. I on Image says:

    Thank you for your insights Rachael! Yes, always do in fashion what you want, and always wear what you love. It’s the only way to have REAL style!

  6. Rachael Tomlinson says:

    Me too on wide legs trousers and bootcut jeans, I hated those the first time around and I haven’t changed my opinion since, think it is with being slightly larger it was one of those items that was supposed to be flattering, I don’t do flattering I do what I want L(

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