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I know my special power is making lasting first impressions and armoring my clients with a smashing working wardrobe is a huge part of that skill. Lately I have been getting queries about beauty products so I thought I should make space for some beauty tips on my website. I am starting with care products because they are the foundation of your looks.

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Learning about Raw cosmetics

Words RAW and FRESH are huge in the food world right now and the trend has made me question a lot of my eating habits: How processing kills a lot of the good nutrients and how we can benefit from enjoying raw and fresh ingredients. If I want it from my food, why not live the same mantra with my cosmetics?

I had the pleasure to talk with Daiva Luksyte about her business and her fabulous raw cosmetics at ALIVE Cosmetics on a hot August day. Daiva has created a beautiful rustic atmosphere in her studio that is located just a few blocks away from Weesperplein in Amsterdam.

Along her shop and webshop, her studio has treatment rooms for facials and massages. To my delight, Daiva told me that you can also book my long-time favorite beautician, Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite to treat you at ALIVE Cosmetics studio!

Impressions from the salon by I on Image:

Story of ALIVE Cosmetics

ALIVE Cosmetics is a platform for manufacturers of natural handmade cosmetics that are made from unrefined raw botanical materials. All products are handmade from the best bioactive ingredients in small exclusive batches.

They contain no chemicals and therefore they can be used to address various skin problems, like acne or eczema. Just like all raw products, these too come with a shorter shelf life. So it’s good to buy something you really need and love so much that you want to use it every day.

I was very lucky that I could test some fabulous ALIVE Cosmetics products. They were refreshingly different and lovely to use. I literally felt the almost magical artisanal expertise sink into my skin and felt through and through rejuvenated. These are my best picks for you.

Alive Cosmetics Product Review

Alive Cosmetics product review natural cosmetics Amsterdam

Clockwise from top: 8. Elixir JASMINE, 2. Face wash JUNDA, 7. Raw mascara and 6. Exfoliator SAULĖ

  1. Face cleanser BRĖKŠTA – I love the luxurious creamy, yet light, texture of this product. Unfortunately it was too rich for my combination skin but I could imagine it’s fabulous for dry skin types or for me during the winter when my skincare needs to work overtime. Big plus for doubling as eye makeup remover.
  2. Face wash JUNDA – This is an amazing product! My combination skin has never felt this deeply clean with a gentle home product. All makeup was gone and my skin felt soft and nourished. It went straight on my shopping list!
  3. Chamomile water for sensitive skin – I am known for praising face mists, I know, I am frivolous like that. I just love the refreshing mist landing on my tired face when I steal myself a little break on a busy day. This is an ideal product to keep it in your handbag and apply whenever you need a little refreshment. The chamomile scent is lovely and mild. Now I am curious to try the other flower waters too. Some people swear by spraying their pillow with lavendel water for sweetest dreams.
  4. Firming face cream for dry skin ŽEMYNA – Brilliant product! I could actually see my fatiqued face come back to life after I massaged this in. The scent is very different from classic firming face creams but I found it very pleasant. Daiva said she is crazy about the scent too. My pushing 40, sleep deprived, combination skin looked radiant and healthy after just one use.
  5. Hydrating body cream INDRAJA – This body cream has a very luxurious feel to it. It has a lovely light texture that feels super nourishing. It’s non-sticky and has a mild natural scent. You can just jump in your favorite dress right after applying without fearing the stains.
  6. Exfoliator SAULĖ – This does a brilliant job scrubbing away the dead skin cells that make me look dull and tired. My face felt baby soft after just one use and the massage improved the appearance of my skin tone immediately. Great combo with Firming face cream for dry skin ŽEMYNA. This went on my shopping list right away!
  7. Raw mascara –This product promises “No Clumping, No Flaking, No Smudging” and to a hardcore mascara fan like me it’s an intriguing promise! It has a nice deep black shade and a decent medium size brush. Applying it requires a bit steady hand and I end up making a little mess in a hurry. But just as promised, it does not clump and glides nicely on the lashes. I need 2-3 layers to get a desired look but once it’s on, it stays neat the whole day without flaking or smudging. This finds a place in my makeup bag!
  8. Elixir JASMINE – Using this is pure luxury. I massage a few drops on my face in the evening for sweet and beautiful dreams. I love the scent of jasmines and even more the idea of using something that makes you feel like a queen.

To order the amazing products, please visit www.alive-cosmetics.com

Enjoy your new beautiful week!

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