Unexpected Advantages Of Hiring An Image Consultant

In this blog post I have listed unexpected advantages of hiring an image consultant. Some of them might come as a complete surprise to you. Read along and get inspired to make that shift for becoming a better you.

How To Look Stylish When Working From Home

Learn how to look stylish when working from home with the help of your image consultant, personal stylist and workwear expert Jenni of I on Image. My job is to help you discover your own unique style that you can enjoy for years to come. You individual style tells your story and looks 100% like you.

Workwear And Business Style Forecasts For The New Year

This post showcases my workwear and business style forecasts for 2021. What are we going to wear this year to work? Has the pandemic changed our style values for good? Read further and find out.

Powerful And Personal Job Interview Style Advice For You

Use this powerful and personal job interview style advice for your professional advantage. These image consulting tips will help you appear polished and professional at your next interview. They will boost your confidence and help you leave a good impression to your interviewer.

How to Make a Great First Impression?

How to make a great first impression? Easy image consulting tips from Amsterdam-based image consultant Jenni at I on Image + Your FREE checklist