In The Navy – How To Wear Navy To Work?

This blog post offers detailed advice on how to incorporate the color navy into workwear outfits. The author suggests pairing navy with different colors such as beige, grey, bordeaux red, nude, and even black to achieve a stylish, professional look. Tips include buying workwear that can stand the test of time, making sustainable style choices, and updating looks with accessories. Navy is praised as a universally flattering, trustworthy, and professional color.

15 Fashion Quotes to Live By

The post shares 15 inspirational fashion quotes from prominent figures in fashion, emphasizing personal style and self-expression. The author, a professional stylist, encourages readers to find their unique style, make ethical fashion choices, and consider fashion as an inclusive concept open to everyone. Quotes from Coco Chanel, Rachel Zoe, Yves Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen are included.

The Best “Back to Work” -Style Tips

Get back to work in style with these expert tips from your image consultant and personal stylist. Yes, that's me! Focus on your work, get out of the house faster and stop second-guessing your style choices. Looking put together will help you feel like you're in charge and on top of your game. Put your best foot forward every day at work!