How To Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn?

Develop your personal brand on LinkedIn with these expert tips from Petra Fisher. Utilize your digital presence for your success and professional advantage.

How To Pack For Holiday?

Learn how to pack for summer holiday with professional organizer advice. The holiday season is here, yay! But before we are rewarded by actually being on holiday we need to go through the agonizing exercise of packing. Having all the essentials allows us to enjoy our holiday the we way had planned. In this interview I am introducing the most practical ways to travel in style. Learn to pack you bag like a professional organizer.

I on Image meets ALIVE Cosmetics

I know my special power is making lasting first impressions and armoring my clients with a smashing working wardrobe is a huge part of that skill. Lately I have been getting queries about beauty products so I thought I should make space for some beauty tips on my website. I am starting with care products … Continue reading I on Image meets ALIVE Cosmetics