How to Start a New Career?

How to Start a New Career?   This article will help you to start a new career, which is currently a hot topic. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) report 937 000 people made a career jump in 2017. That's almost a million people who took a new course in their professional lives! Majority of the … Continue reading How to Start a New Career?

Back to Work Style Tips

Back to Work Style Tips from I on Image Get back to work in style with these expert tips from your image consultant Jenni at I on Image. Whether you are going back to work after the summer, after your parental leave, after your sick leave or after your sabbatical, this style advice will help … Continue reading Back to Work Style Tips

How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn?

How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn? - Interview with Petra Fisher   I had the pleasure to interview LinkedIn expert Petra Fisher of Petra Fisher Consulting about building a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn. She is an international LinkedIn trainer, consultant and public speaker of Dutch-Australian origin. Her popular no-nonsense method helps you … Continue reading How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn?

Chasing Perfect

  Chasing perfect - Image consulting tips for women of all ages Us humans have a natural tendency to aim for perfection. We admire it’s sublime beauty in architecture, literature, music and very much in science like mathematics. But when it comes to natural sciences like biology of psychology, suddenly the exceptions becomes more interesting … Continue reading Chasing Perfect

Field Notes About Ageism

  Field Notes About Ageism by I on Image Ageism means stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. In many countries people are protected by law against discrimination by age, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disabilities etc. Sadly there are sneaky ways to go around the law. Discrimination at … Continue reading Field Notes About Ageism