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I on Image offers image consulting services for professionals looking to enhance or renew their professional image through tailored individual sessions in Amsterdam area, NL. Skype sessions are available upon request. Don’t be shy: go ahead and ask for a quote on travel costs for other locations. Learn more about my services here.

Image consultant – Style coach – Personal shopper

Gorgeous wardrobes – Clearer self-image – 365 days a year

My name is Jenni and I am the owner of I on Image. I have a degree in fashion (Bachelor of Arts from EVTEK University of Applied Sciences) and I have worked for years for the biggest fashion brands in a leading department store in Helsinki and later in an exclusive boutique in Amsterdam. What I loved the most about my work in fashion retail was the ability to lift the customer’s personality up by helping them to choose the best possible items that worked for them and that they could cherish for years knowing that they would always be ready for a challenge in their trusted sartorial armor.

Photo credits Rudi Wells at www.rudiwells.com

Photo credits Rudi Wells at www.rudiwells.com

I moved forward from fashion to a customer service organisation where I found my true talent and passion at the training department as a trainer for soft and hard corporate skills and later as a  supervisor supporting my team for continuous improvement and personal growth. I truly enjoyed running our company’s communication training program that helped customer service agents find their individual strength in their every day communication, tips on how to avoid the classic pitfalls and how to demonstrate the corporate values in their communication.

My image consulting business combines my passions, my interests and my drive to guide and coach people for better results. For me it has never really been about individual trends that change every season but about building a life-long lasting style that tells your story.


Photo credits: Blake Bronstad on Stocksnap.io

“According to a study completed by the Center for Talent and Innovation (CTI), executive presence is loosely determined by three major factors: confidence, communication, and appearance. To exude confidence means to act gracefully under fire, to be aggressive when aggression is most needed; to communicate properly means to know how to command a room, to sometimes speak without ever speaking. Then, of course, there is appearance — the bond that holds everything together, serving as what the CTI study put as, “The filter through which your communication skills and confidence become more apparent.” You can read the whole Bustle.com story on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IonImage/posts/339783166227132. It sums up smartly my vision and the answer to the inevitable why-question.

This is why and how image consulting can help you reach the stars:

First impressions truly matter. Dress for the role you want.

Be the I on your image.

Let me know how I can help you enhance your image. I would love to hear from you!
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