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Jenni Ryynänen is  a Finnish image consultant living in The Netherlands who wants to help you to develop your personal style and confidence through image consulting services that include wardrobe edits and personal shopping.


How to invest in your personal image

How to invest in your personal image?


These services entail

  • Helping you to navigate your wardrobe
  • Filling in the gaps in your style narrative
  • Providing you with tailored style tips

Through these services you will gain

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • All-around better style


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Image Consultant Jenni Ryynänen Photo credits: Rudi Wells at Rudi Wells Fotografie


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Read here more about me: my education, my previous work experience and how I started I on Image from scratch in 2015.

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Areas of expertise


Your Image

  • Image Consulting – Learn how to invest in your personal image
  • Body Shape –Dress your shape with my gentle guidance. I on Image is a 100% female friendly company that values body positivity and freedom express oneself at any size and age.
  • Colour Consulting: Discover your unique beautiful colour palette, learn to make new colour combinations, learn to highlight and camouflage with colour and learn about colour psychology.
  • Business Attire: Increase your executive presence and project professionalism by dressing for the job or level you want. Put your best foot forward every single day at work.
  • Outfit Planning: Well planned is half done, or perhaps even more when it comes to ready-to-go Mon-Fri outfits, holiday and business travel capsule wardrobes and going out looks. Save time and stop stressing about style for good. You deserve great style every day!
  • Style Advice for all sizes, ages, professions and budgets. Set your style intention and improve your image on the spot.


Your style

  • Wardrobe Edits – Shop your closet with I on Image. Great for the environment and great for your wallet too. Enjoy simplicity and effortless style for years to come and unleash your own creativity by learning to style an endless amount of fabulous looks.
  • Personal Shopping – Avoid stress, buyers remorse and stop second-guessing your purchases. Get value of every cent you spend, even during sales.
  • Styling Tips – Take your personal style to the next level by adding a wow-factor or two in your current looks -or have a complete makeover, just because you can!
  • Capsule Wardrobe: A wardrobe where all pieces work seamlessly together. Dress with ease and gain full control of your wardrobe.
  • Personal Uniform: A distinguished level of style with instantly recognizable elements. Minimize the amount of decisions taken daily and concentrate 100% in your own expertise and passion.
  • Accessories: My true passion that helps to elevate any look. Not dependent on your size and can be cherished for years to come.
  • Occasion Wear: Personal styling and personal shopping for all your major life events. Enjoy the party and be the belle of the ball!


Let me help you Look great every day

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Registration info and memberships

  • I on Image -Image Consulting is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 63903288 in 2015
  • Member of Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce since 2017
  • Member of Spark Women Amsterdam since 2018

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