Welcome to my website: Hello world

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Photo credits: Rudi Wells at rudiwells.com


Welcome to my website: Hello world


Easter holiday is over and summer holidays are not even remotely in sight so let’s talk about business, namely your image in business.

I am proud (and hyperventilating out of nervousness as I type) to launch and introduce my new image consulting business I on Image.

My company offers image consulting for professionals looking to enhance or renew their professional image through tailored individual sessions.

I am very grateful for having such an inspiring bunch of friends who have pushed me in the right direction. A big applaud to my mentors and fairy business godmothers!

This launch is really just the beginning. My next steps involve registering at the Chamber of Commerce and working on my website.

In the meanwhile, spread the word: There’s a new entrepreneur in town!


I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail


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