Susanne’s Joy Of Amazing Personal Style

I can highly recommend Jenni. She is fabulous! I have had only one session of Personal Shopping with her. She has given me so much support.

I was insecure and always dressed in black and gray to make sure I don’t do anything wrong. She showed me which colors are good for me, how to play around with scarves and dresses, and brought so much joy into my life.

Every morning I open my closet and there are only good friends in there. I enjoy this even when I do the laundry! Everything matches and getting dressed is fun now.

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It pushed my self-confidence so that I am not worrying about my clothes anymore when I go to a new client, and it actually helped me to be confident enough to start my new business.

Many, many thanks!

If someone is looking for a boost for their closet, their confidence, and their joy, book a session with Jenni!

– Susanne Gaspar

Professional Organizer, Germany

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