Now, 5 months after my consultation I can answer the question what your visit and our meeting has done for me. I think our meeting was the start of me realizing I can do more then I imagined. I started to take myself more seriously. Which was certainly noticed in the office.

It was the beginning of a process which is now resulting in other developments as well; I`m starting to run as from next week, every Tuesday in a small group and I want to start a course in Neuro-linguistic programming, which will teach me how to communicate with people, how to build harmonious relationships while respecting everybody’s essence.

This will help me in becoming more professional and the wardrobe will certainly support that goal! Furthermore; today I received the most beautiful compliment ever from a new colleague, he said I was the best dressed person in the whole office!!! Thanks, and I will definitely see you again.

Kirsten, Process Manager, The Netherlands