Summer Fashion Inspiration 2019

  In this blog post I am sharing my summer fashion inspiration from my Instagram page with you. Get wearable style ideas and look your best every day. This is the last blog post of the season and I will be posting again when everyone is back from their holiday adventures. Enjoy your summer in … Continue reading Summer Fashion Inspiration 2019

Summer Fashion Bingo

  Summer Fashion Bingo Play I on Image's Summer Fashion Bingo and decide what NOT to wear this, or any other, summer. Summer fashion has never been my favorite seasonal shopping. I live in The Netherlands where the climate is fairly chilly and wet most of the year, and let's not even start about my … Continue reading Summer Fashion Bingo

Extend the Life of Your Summer Dress

  Extend the life of your summer dress So you bought yourself a gorgeous summer dress, wore it all summer and now you are experiencing difficulties parting with it? No worries, your personal stylist is here to help. I really want you to keep on wearing it until the first snowfall or torrential autumn storm … Continue reading Extend the Life of Your Summer Dress

My Summer Essentials 2018

  Summer essentials are the items that make your summer. Think sunglasses, maxi dress, that turquoise necklace that takes you right back to Amalfi coast... Without them my summer just wouldn't feel the same. My essential list tends to change a bit every year but in principle these are the items that I always pack … Continue reading My Summer Essentials 2018

Summer Essentials 2017 by I on Image

In last week's Friday Style Secrets episode on Facebook and Instagram I invited you to share your summer essentials and later I shared my own favorites that are: A cotton sundress in a lovely colour or print Sunscreen that doesn't irritate your skin, killer mascara and lip gloss with SPF Sunglasses with an attitude Inspired … Continue reading Summer Essentials 2017 by I on Image

Summer special 2016: I on Image -En Vacance

Here comes I on Image holiday special for summer 2016! I know you have earned your stylish break so let's make it a breeze for you. I have created a bunch of summer styles for you to steal. Stylish summer looks by I on Image I love these shades of coral and turquoise that take … Continue reading Summer special 2016: I on Image -En Vacance

I on Image for Amsterdam Mamas

I have been volunteering for Stichting Amsterdam Mamas as an admin for about a year now and it has been an honor to serve this wonderful community. I was delighted when they asked me to collaborate for their Facebook page's summery fashion special! These looks are created especially for mamas and mamas-to-be by choosing easy … Continue reading I on Image for Amsterdam Mamas

Working in the heatwave

How to stay cool when the temperature keeps on rising? I on Image brings you 5 office looks that are all +30C proof! You won't be seeing my usual greys, blacks and beiges in this edit. This is the perfect season to rock some serious colour and crisp white is my preferred neutral to pair … Continue reading Working in the heatwave

I on Image explores summer style

Holiday season is here and the past weeks I on Image was posting in the spirit of warm summery days spent carefree with our loved ones.I have created several summery looks for you to wear where ever you may go this summer             I hope you love these outfits as … Continue reading I on Image explores summer style