Mobile Beautician making my mornings faster

I am an image consultant and a big boss lady at my own image consulting company I on Image. I coach people to represent their brightest side every single day so they can reach stellar career success.

But I am also a mother of two children, and a wife, and a friend, and a volunteer. Everyone who has been in the same position knows that the time you have for yourself in the morning is only a few minutes, if less.

But I still want to look polished and ready to take over the world rather than being a hurried mess covered in toothpaste stains. Being a hot mess is cute and fun on TV but being one never gives a good first impression in the business world.

“If you don’t play the part, there is always someone who will.”

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good grooming saves you time

Good grooming is one of the biggest time saving tricks one can ever invest in. When my second child was born I realized that for me finding the time to go to a salon would be a struggle so I was delighted to find Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite who comes to your home or to your office.

After my first appointment with her I was posting photos of my gorgeous nails on Facebook and wondered where had she been all my life. Since then I have booked her regularly, and whenever I notice spending too much time worrying about my looks, I know it’s time for her to come over and swipe those worries away.

Her signature look is always natural and healthy, in other words: perfect for a busy business woman, and man too.

Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite beauty tips

Pedicure by Mobile Beautician in process at my home. I am actually going through my emails as this is happening!

Taking care of your nails

Nails are the one thing about you everyone will instantly notice so chewing them or showing up with a chipped polish is a big no-no. Normal nail polish can never keep up with my energetic family life so I have started to pay a little extra for a Shellac manicure. Giedre does absolutely the best Shellac in town!

Mine has always stayed on for the promised two weeks, which 14 days of impeccable nails. Last time I asked her if nails always need to be polished and to my surprise she said no.

Bare nails are always in style, they just need to be shaped nicely or kept short, and buffed regularly.”

Giedre Pankaite, Mobile Beautician

She gave me an orange wood cuticle stick and advised to gently push the cuticles back on a regular basis. A good hand cream is also a must. Giedre uses cold creams from ALIVE Cosmetics. I love the romantic scent of the Three Roses one. No wonder manicures in general are her most asked service along massages!

Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite beauty tips

My beautiful nude Shellac manicure by Mobile Beautician goes with every outfit and is suitable for most work related situations.

Taking care of your feet

Despite the sandal season being officially over I also like to invest in an occasional pedicure because it always makes me feel great about myself. For people attending conferences, trade shows or otherwise always being on their feet, having a pedicure is a great way to say thank you to the feet that took you so far.

Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite beauty tips

Shades of berry and wine are huge this season and experimenting with a bold colour on your toe nails is less intimidating than having it on the nails of your hands.


Grooming your brows and lashes

My brows and lashes are naturally very fair so I like to dye them. Giedre has a great talent for shaping my brows to a smart yet super natural arch and using just the right shade of greyish brown so that nobody actually knows I have had them done.

Well, there goes my secret, but I find that shaped brows make you look instantly more refined and put together. I would never leave a house without a little bit of makeup and this grooming step saves me a nice amount of time in the morning.

Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite beauty tips

My perfectly shaped brows by Mobile Beautician.


TOP TIP: According to Giedre face massages have a great impact on the blood circulation of the face and they can postpone, or even replace, the need for a cosmetic procedure.

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Have a beautiful weekend!

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