Chasing Perfect

  Chasing perfect - Image consulting tips for women of all ages Us humans have a natural tendency to aim for perfection. We admire it’s sublime beauty in architecture, literature, music and very much in science like mathematics. But when it comes to natural sciences like biology of psychology, suddenly the exceptions becomes more interesting … Continue reading Chasing Perfect

Field Notes About Ageism

  Field Notes About Ageism by I on Image Ageism means stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. In many countries people are protected by law against discrimination by age, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disabilities etc. Sadly there are sneaky ways to go around the law. Discrimination at … Continue reading Field Notes About Ageism

My Summer Essentials 2018

  Summer essentials are the items that make your summer. Think sunglasses, maxi dress, that turquoise necklace that takes you right back to Amalfi coast... Without them my summer just wouldn't feel the same. My essential list tends to change a bit every year but in principle these are the items that I always pack … Continue reading My Summer Essentials 2018

Summer Essentials 2017 by I on Image

In last week's Friday Style Secrets episode on Facebook and Instagram I invited you to share your summer essentials and later I shared my own favorites that are: A cotton sundress in a lovely colour or print Sunscreen that doesn't irritate your skin, killer mascara and lip gloss with SPF Sunglasses with an attitude Inspired … Continue reading Summer Essentials 2017 by I on Image

I on Image at work -Creating ageless and timeless looks

This great The Guardian article by Alyson Walsh of inspirational style blog That's not my age from last week made good fashion resolutions for grownups. "...beyond a certain age, style becomes personal. The urge to buy into every trend subsides and it’s all about finding an individual look; one that’s timeless and ageless and works for … Continue reading I on Image at work -Creating ageless and timeless looks