Friday Style Secrets


#FridayStyleSecrets is produced and directed by Jenni Ryynänen of I on Image. All rights reserved © 2017 – 2019 I on Image

What is Friday Style Secrets?

#FridayStyleSecrets is series of short videos that bring you every Friday easy and fun insider image and style tips. The series is presented by Amsterdam based image and style expert Jenni Ryynänen:

“I saw a need for this video series because a) people were asking for it and b) it’s the very small things that often have the biggest results. I was encouraged in a Facebook-group for female entrepreneurs to start a video series and finally, after months of wondering if I can do it, went online.

I recently went to a party where a lady recognized me as The Friday Style Secret presenter and that felt really nice after all the hard work I put into the series!”

The series was originally launched in March 2017 and it got fast popular among I on Image’s fans. Now in 2019 the series is on it’s 4th season and it has become a concept on it’s own. People are waiting eagerly for new episodes to come out.

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In praise of being over-dressed

Unexcpected advantages of dressing up with a personal stylist


Dressing up for going out

The festive season being just around the corner I would like to draw your attention to your festive attire. By festive attire I mean wearing something gorgeous, yet appropriate for the occasion.

Necklines too deep and hemlines too short may not fall in the category of appropriate so approach carefully. What I am talking about is lush fabrics, sequins, sparkles, fake fur, decadent cuts and extravagant accessories.

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How to Dress Things Down?

Is your wardrobe full of formal work wear from the time when business style was far more dressier than it nowadays is? Predominant IT and start-up culture have molded the way we dress to work a lot in the recent years and suddenly a suit with a pair of heels can feel somewhat stuffy.

But throwing away fine tailoring just feels wrong, and if it still fits then perhaps you could just wear it in a less formal way.

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