3 Reasons to Hire Me

It’s time to claim the ownership of your image but what really is the added value of hiring an image consultant? Here I have listed 3 very good reasons to hire me.

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3 reasons to hire an image consultant


1. set yourself apart

Style is a powerful form of self-expression. When there is so much information and materia available it’s easy to loose insight. Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin and that’s when I come to your rescue. I map with your the areas you need the most help with and can give you unbiased advice on your personal image. My job is to make you shine and to make your life easier. I enjoy the most to see the glow of confidence and excitement on my client’s face when they try on an outfit or an item of clothing that speaks volumes on them. It belongs to their story and they know it. Others certainly will notice it!

2. Save Money

I will help you to get rid of the things things in your wardrobe that you no longer need and I will help you rediscover items that you had forgotten about or always found difficult to combine. I know which items are missing from your wardrobe and which items would complete your look. With me you will always shop with an intention. You will never return home from your shopping trip with the 5th black cardigan or a fashionable item that looks dated in a month’s time ever again. I am not a sales person and so I don’t take any kickbacks from shops from your purchases. If I am participating an affiliate program through my website it’s always clearly marked so you can make an educated choice. I shop with all budgets and all brands from Primark to Prada. As a bonus I also know when the sales start and sometimes I can even predict which items will end up in sales so you can snatch them for half the price when the time is right.

3. Save Time

Get dressed in a flash? Shop like a pro? Yes please. I have made a career of knowing how to build looks that complement your best features. I always find the hidden gems in the fashion jungle. I know which shops have the nicest staff and tidiest fitting rooms. I have a nose for when the new stock is coming in and where you could still find sold out items. I plan our shopping trip so that we spend minimum time from moving from shop to another. I always keep in mind your budget, your body shape, your colours and your lifestyle. I advice how to wear your outfits and how to take care of them so you can cherish them for years. I also know the web shops inside out so shopping online will me will be a breeze over a cup of coffee.


Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper in AMSTERDAM


Need more convincing? Hear it from my wonderful clients and make an educated decision.

This article was originally published on 13th March 2017 on I on Image’s blog and updated on 29th November 2018.


Your image consultant with an eye for detail

Shop Your Closet

Is your wardrobe bursting from it’s seams but still you have nothing to wear? Tired of buying new items only to find them unused in the back of your closet after several months? Fed up with wasting money on mediocre items that kind-of almost look okay but bring you no joy or increased confidence? Time to sort out your wardrobe with I on Image!

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Here at I on Image I use a simple 3-step method that you can easily copy into your own routine. Having someone else take a critical look at your wardrobe helps you keep your thoughts clear throughout the process. Ask a stylish friend or invest in a personal stylist.

Make your wardrobe work for you and not the other way around!


1. PLAN your wardrobe

Well planned is half done. Set you style intention and define the key elements of your style. Start building outfits that reflect your personality and bring the best out in you.

You probably already know what looks good on you. My job is to make you aware of it and become intentional and consistent about your style. The best dressed people always look like they just threw something fabulous on before heading out to do fabulous things.

Spoiler alert: They did not. Their wardrobe is carefully curated and outfits well planned. When the foundation of your wardrobe is built well you too can literally just throw something fabulous on without having to think about it twice.

Wardobe edit, Closet clearout, Shopping in your own wardrobe, wardrobe analysis

2. PREPARE your wardrobe

We hold on to things for various reasons but having too much can cause stress and confusion. No wonder Mary Kondo became so popular. We are literally drowning in stuff and clothes are no exception, in fact they are a huge waste problem in the world.

Where do all those polyester party tops that you wore once -or gasp, not even once- go to retire? Taking control of your wardrobe is good for your own clarity but the planet will thank you too.

Make some space for your real style and learn to let go of habits that are not contributing to your wellbeing nor to your style. You’ll soon notice that you don’t need to keep on buying more because you’ll love what you already have.

Wardobe edit, Closet clearout, Shopping in your own wardrobe, wardrobe analysis

3. STORE your clothes right

By this final step there should be some breathing space in your closet that allows you to see what you have on pretty much just one glimpse. All my clients love the simplicity and speed of choosing what to wear after my visit.

Utilize your wardrobe space well and make conscious storage choices that improve your every day life. Instagram-worthy wardrobe are no longer the privilege of the rich and famous. You too can have a closet full of “good friends” as my lovely client Susanne said it.

Read more testimonials in here.

Wardobe edit, Closet clearout, Shopping in your own wardrobe, wardrobe analysis

Some Wardrobe transformations

Shop your closet with I on Image

For a more in-depth approach I recommend booking I on Image’s Wardrobe Analysis session where tailored style advice, handy shopping list and fresh suggestions on how to get the most out of your clothes is provided.

I come to your house and build strong looks from the items you already have. I take a critical look at each piece. Some may have to go, some need to be replaced. I hang your complete outfits from Monday to Friday in your closet for fast and easy mornings.

We take photos of each outfit and you can use them as your visual style journal. Getting a sudden invitation to a big meeting, an interview or a fun dinner after work will never be a fashion dilemma for you again.

Allow yourself to try on new and unexpected combinations. Fall in love with your existing clothes over and over again. You will always know you what to wear and you can fully concentrate on what matters the most to you.

Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper in AMSTERDAM


Your image consultant with an eye for detail

This post was originally published on I on Image’s website on 6th June 2018 and edited on 22nd November 2018

In praise of being over-dressed

The festive season being just around the corner I would like to draw your attention to your festive attire. By festive attire I mean wearing something gorgeous, yet appropriate for the occasion.

Necklines too deep and hemlines too short may not fall in the category of appropriate so approach carefully. What I am talking about is lush fabrics, sequins, sparkles, fake fur, decadent cuts and extravagant accessories.

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In very casual Netherlands I often find myself left disappointed when attending an event where people show up in denim and sneakers when all I was longing was a lineup of beautiful outfits to remember. I am often overdressed at events and I have no plans to change that any time soon. Actually, if I do stop being overdressed, please come and ask if I am okay. What about you? Do you like to blend in or stand out?

Accomplished fashionista Hayley Bloomingdale wrote last year this insightful article for the British Vogue called “In Praise Of Being Over-Dressed” and this time of the year I can’t help but dig it up and re-analyze it despite the obvious fact that my do’s may be far less fancy than those of Ms. Bloomingdale’s and her tribe.

“Being over-dressed has multiple advantages, the first being that it is polite to your host to sartorially honour the effort she has made.”

– Hayley Bloomingdale in British Vogue

I love the way she turns around the old belief that people who like dressing up are only doing it for themselves. Not necessarily. For me it’s of course about the deep love for fashion and over-the-top pieces, but also very much about recognizing other people’s efforts for my convenience.

Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper in AMSTERDAM

Make an effort by dressing up

This festive season I recommend giving being over-dressed a try, even if it’s just for once. Next time you get an invitation, go ahead and wear something stunning that you would normally save for special events. See if you feel different and are you being perceived differently. Did you have more fun that way? How many compliments did you get for your outfit? How did the outfit affect your confidence and visibility?

Read also some simple and easy ideas on how to dress things up from I on Image’s blog archives

You might have special events coming up but nothing to wear. It’s definitely a better situation than it’s opposite (so many great outfits but nowhere to go) and much easier to fix. I would be delighted to help you get ready for your big night out and I am looking forward to take you shopping (live or online). I also have the fairy godmother-like ability to find something amazing in the back of your closet and styling it in a way that you would have never worn it yourself.

Some party style ideas for you to steal

  • Red dress that stops the traffic
  • Statement jewelry to spice up pretty much any outfit
  • Gorgeous heels that help you paint the town red


Watch also #FridayStyleSecrets video series on I on Image’s Facebook-page or on Instagram.

Ready for a very stylish challenge with I on Image? Book your appointment today before all the best slots are all taken.

Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper in AMSTERDAM

Enjoy your festive season in style -if not a little over-dressed!


Your image consultant with an eye for detail

How to Dress Things Down?

Is your wardrobe full of formal work wear from the time when business style was far more dressier than it nowadays is? Predominant IT and start-up culture have molded the way we dress to work a lot in the recent years and suddenly a suit with a pair of heels can feel somewhat stuffy.

But throwing away fine tailoring just feels wrong, and if it still fits then perhaps you could just wear it in a less formal way.

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The art of dressing down

Here comes I on Image’s style guide on how to dress things down. You can mix up the elements listed below or just pick one powerful way to express yourself through your style.


  1. Add a casual shoe. This is the most practical dress-down effect there ever was and hence an all-time favorite of public transport commuters around the world. Your feet will thank you for swapping your vertiginous heels to a comfy sneaker or a cool loafer. There is no longer need to keep a pair of heels in your filing cabinet which I believe they got rid of anyway during the last office remodeling round.
  2. Add knitwear. I am a big fan of creating contrast by using different textures and playing with proportions. Typically I would use chiffon with tweed or cashmere with leather but the logic can also be applied with tailored pieces in a mid-weight fabric by adding a chunky cable knit jumper. Understated merino wool jumpers go literally with everything and are far more low maintenance than gorgeous cashmere that I would love if I didn’t have kids. Knitwear with a pop of colour combined with tailoring looks also very contemporary and is super wearable.
  3. Add denim. A high-low combo is a no-brainer that does apply for evening wear too. The contrast between something dressy and cool denim remains a classic styling trick favored by the best dressed everywhere. Easy, practical and stylish way to wear your tailored separates or dresses.
  4. Add leather. This is just like the tip above but dressier and a more powerful statement. My favorite is to throw a biker jacket on a feminine dress.
  5. Add a T-shirt. T-shirts with a print or a slogan have been popular for quite some time now and they will make any tailored piece look casual and cool. Just check the appropriateness of the picture/text and that it doesn’t spell something else when worn with a jacket. A safe fail-proof alternative is a stripy or plain, yet well-cut, T-shirt.


Get more out of less

These 5 ways to dress your outfits down will help you get more out of your existing wardrobe without having to transform your style completely. They will also allow you to own less items while having more style -every single day.

Is your problem actually the other way around? Then read my blog about How to Dress Things Up

If you still feel that your formal suits and dresses no longer have a future in your style narrative then consider donating them to your local Dress for Success®, a global movement that aims to “empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life”.

In The Netherlands you can approach www.dressforsuccess.nl.


Your image consultant with an eye for detail

How to Dress Things Up?

Is your trusted daily uniform of a plain shirt and basic denim making you yawn of boredom when catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror? Do you feel that it doesn’t look interesting enough so people would remember you for right reasons? Or could a more lively outfit express your dynamic personal brand better?

Don’t go ditching an otherwise great combo right away as I think it could be easily saved for a round two by just adding a little oomph into it.


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The art of dressing up

Here comes I on Image’s style guide on how to dress things up. You can mix up the elements listed below or just pick one remarkable way to inject some well-deserved energy into your look.


  1. Add a tailored jacket. Nothing says business better than sleek tailoring. If the look feels too stiff for your taste then play it down by rolling the sleeves and popping the collar up for relaxed cool.
  2. Add a fancy shoe. What a perfect opportunity to get some use of the shoe that makes your heart skip a beat but which you keep 364 days a year stored neatly in their box. Let’s go live a little and wear them to work.
  3. Add statement jewelry but don’t go piling it all on at once. One signature piece is enough to wake up the room. Another idea is to go full-on Iris Apfel and wear every single piece of jewelry you have ever owned in one single look.
  4. Add a scarf in a stylish print or in your signature colour. My favorites are small silk squares tied elegantly on a simple knot in the front and large squares folded loosely around the neck.
  5. Tuck your shirt in and add a belt. This look is a classic structured way to make you look more polished without actually having to do anything. I love pleated leather belts and chunky belts with a statement buckle.


Get more out of less

These 5 ways to dress up your otherwise plain or basic outfits can also help you navigate your style on days when you have an event right after work and no time to change, decrease the amount of luggage during business travel and allow you to own less items while having more style -every single day.

Is your problem actually the other way around? Then read my blog about How to Dress Things Down


Your image consultant with an eye for detail